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New kitty - George not happy

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An absolutely adorable kitty (about 5 months old) was found at work today. I work with mostly men and it was so cute to see them all dote on her all day. Well, they all decided she needed to come home with me.

She (now names Ellie) must have been someone's pet. She's way too friendly and laid back to have been wild. After lunch, I moved her into my office and closed the door (with me inside with her). After exploring everything, she curled up in my "in box" and napped. The guys continued to stop in all afternoon to play

I wasn't sure how George was going to react. He's 6.5 yrs old and I've had him for the past year and a half. He has always been an only. Since I've been debating for sometime about getting him a friend, I've read up on how to introduce each other. Well, that hasn't gone quite as planned!!

George normally waits at the door for me - today he knew something wasn't quite "right". He already was hiding around the corner. I brought Ellie into the guest bathroom (I was going to do the guest bedroom but that's kind of George's room - at least he thinks so) with all her things - food, water, litterbox, some toys and a blanket. Closed the door. George just glared at the door. I set up a baby gate so they could "meet" each other. Ellie hopped up on the vanity and jumped over the gate.

Ellie has no problems with George - George is hissing up a storm. At her, at me... he's run away from me and has completely ignored me. I realize this is day one (Ellie is back in the bathroom) but I'm already feeling soooo bad for George. He's my baby!!! But she's just the sweetest thing I've ever met!!! From everything I've read, getting them to co-exist could take weeks or months. I don't want Ellie to have to live in the bathroom that long!! But she's going to have to be there while I'm at work - at least for now...I'm so torn and feel so bad for the both of them!!
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It will take time. We've got a 7 week old kitten at home...she's been here for about 2 weeks and all but 2 don't like her (we've got 6 adult cats.) Most either ignore her or think they've got a new play toy.

Last year we introduced Callie who was 1 1/2 years old and it took a few months.

So be patient and don't force the situation. Let them come to getting to know each other on their own terms. Also give your older cat space by placing the new cat in the bathroom if you find the new cat bothering your other cat.

Our kitten stayed in the bathroom for about a week before letting her roam over night. That was more for her safety though...not knowing what the old cats would do.

Good luck and enjoy your new baby!!

** Oh as for him running away from you. I'd say it's normal my Lauren does that anytime a new one comes to live with us. But she always comes back to wanting love and itchies
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How wonderful for Ellie to find such a great home before the cold weather comes. I think George will be fine, it just takes time. You may come home one day and find them curled up napping together. Good luck!!
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I'm soooo sad... "Ellie" has a family and they are coming to get her tonight. What makes me even more sad, is she's a farm cat so she'll be living outside! She's way too sweet and friendly! But the kids (of the family) really like her so they want her back...

George will be happy even tho he seems a bit more tolerant of her!
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I had read all the posts on introducing 2 cats/ kittens to each other and i used bits of each foron a night time, but through the day when we were in i didnt keep them seperate and it took 3 days for the hissing to stop we luckily didnt have any fighting from them but i think it was down to the fact that both of mine are very young kittens, they are learning from each other which is great, but both of mine were very young (6 weeks) when i got them

Sad to hear that you are loosing her, but at least she is going back to a loving family
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Oh, I am so sorry you are losing Ellie. I hope the family will take good care of her. Maybe you can find a new friend for George.
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It was very sad to give "Ellie" back to her family - but it sure sounds like she has a good life. Her furry mom and sister missed her lots which made it a bit easier to hand her over. Once George realizes that she's gone for good he'll be very happy. I wondered how he would do with a friend and now I know - he might not like it at first, but it might not be too bad...
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