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self cleaning cat box trays for the scoop free ultra

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just wondering (not sure if im in the right place to post this), i recently picked up this product the "scoop free ultra self cleaning catbox" thinking it would be awesome because I dread the smelly catbox haha... anyways it does its job with 2 growing kittens for almost 10 days (timer said 66 uses in 11 days) I didnt realize when purchasing it how expensive the trays are!!! insanely like 16$ at the 3 local pet stores!!!

anyways I saw a cleanable and reusable tray on ebay. is this a scam? does anyone have experience with it? worth it? cause Im not looking to spend 45$ a month on cat litter trays!!!

thanks tcs!!
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bump... really looking into info on this!!!



ebay info on the forever tray
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The Forever litter tray has many satisfied customers. It appears to be a well-made rigid PVC plastic replacement for the cardboard trays that come with the unit. Instead of buying the disposable trays with crystals, you buy the Forever Free litter tray, wash it, and refill it with your own storebought crystals -- about four pounds or half a container. From all reports, the litter box works better with the forever tray than with the cardboard trays that can leak when they get overloaded.

Keep in mind that you MUST buy only crystal litter. This will cost roughly $15 for an 8 pound jug. The motor and rake isn't designed to push through any other kind of litter. So you'll be using about $7.50 worth of crystal litter everytime you dump and refill the tray. They claim up to one month for one cat. I have my doubts that the crystals can absorb a month's worth of cat urine.

Figure you will reach the break-even point compared to disposable trays after about 10 refills.
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BTW, here's a forum that discusses nothing but automatic cat litter boxes -- every brand ever made, every accessory.


Amazon reviews are also a good place.
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It works terrific! Any type of crystal litter works, except for one kind I found that has very very large crystals (large crystals get stuck in the rake).

I just dump out the contents like I would any regular old cat litter. (double bag, and toss out in trash). Then I use hot water and disinfectant to clean, rinse well, and refill. The kitty has never refused the box, and I don't have to spend a fortune.

Right now I am pregnant so I buy the disposable cartridges so hubby can clean the kitty box easier, but when I have the baby I am going back to my reusable tray.

When my cat ate dry food only she could go a month between changes with no smell. When I changed her to wet food the box can only go two weeks. You can find crystal litter for much less than 15 bucks a jug in the Seattle area if you do some shopping around. If you want to buy in bulk, Petedge.com has the cheapest price for crystal litter I have ever seen. You do have to stir the litter daily if you want it to remain smell free. The main advantage of the box is the poo getting dried up and stored away so it doesn't stink up your house, and you aren't dumping it out as often as a regular box.
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