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He's a Pyro-Maniac!

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Pyro has been caught mutliple times being "naughty bad kitten".

Once he was hanging from the curtrains eating a piece of paper on a tack board.

Once he climbed up the bookshelf, the 7' high bookshelf, to leap off the top!

He dunks his sibling's heads in the water bowl when they're drinking.

Oh & he bites - fingers, toes, legs, arms, his littemates, etc.

Poor little nut! Hopefully someone wants him soon!
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he sounds like quite the character- sure you don't want to keep him?
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I love a cat that's into everything! Pyro sounds perfectly charming...
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
he sounds like quite the character- sure you don't want to keep him?
Gah - NO! I'm having flashbacks to the havoc PJ & Punky wreaked (sp?)!
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Pyro sounds like Ducky and Kiko when they were babies hanging off curtains, climbing anything and everything, inlcuding my legs. Oh it was fun times
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Ok, so I admit, I opened this thread hoping to find that someone else's kitties have learned how to turn on the stove, lol! (and I still don't know how mine did.....not when you have to push in then turn to get it to ignite!)
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[size="3"]I have to admit that's one heck of a trick. Channel changing, light switches, even opening the microwave (not completely closed, but kept the uneaten cat food for later), those are all "tricks" I have experienced. My apartment is a loft, with a very, very high ceiling. Aragorn would get up on the landing looking down from upstairs, jump on top of the closet, then jump onto the beam. He also would jump from the cat tree onto the top of the blinds. I miss all that. /SIZE]
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Dunking siblings heads in the water bowls! There is one in every family, isn't there?
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Shark has a new habit now of sleeping on our pile of bath towels that are stacked by the bathroom door on a small table...and she knocks the pile over each time she jumps off it

We also used to keep the baby's pram in the living room when it wasn't being used, and she would curl up in that too....
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Sounds like my "teefah"...just the boy we speak she's beating up my foot...ow!
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