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Jealous much?!

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Kitty peed on my bed today.

She has never done this before, but she has been kinda crazy lately.

The last few days she has been harasing me to feed her wet food. Really! You should see her jump up om me when doing dishes, like she cant wait two minutes. She is also supremly jealous of Holly, who is a sweetheart. I was petting and loving on Holly this morning while Kitty glowered at me across the room. It was shortly after the love fest that I was getting dressed and Kitty hops up and pees all over the comforter...

Also, the Feliway diffuser ran out about 3 weeks ago. I just ordered more, that would be such an easy fix.

I really really doubt she is sick. Any ideas on what I can do?
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Whenever I cuddle one cat I make sure the others get my attention too. I will either call them or give them a gentle scratch behind the ears as I pass them by.
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Flash was like that when we first brought sooty home she hissed and growled at me to a point were i thought she really hated me so lots of love and attention to her and al the cuddes first my two are thick as thieves and have to do everything together
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