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Restrainig Orders and I hope this does not come back on me...

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No the restraining order is not on me.

So my one and only best friend has been going through some rough times. I have been helping her and her kids in any way I possibly can. Right now she has a part time job (the best she can get right now), working on her GED part time, and has a butt load of medical stuff going on. She has not had much help from family (some but overall not a lot) through a lot of this. She ended up having to move back in with her mom because her now ex boyfriend could not pay the bills while she was out of work for medical reasons. And before she got this current job her boys have been staying with her grandma and they have an agreement written that she has 6 months to get affairs in order so the kids can more back in.

Ok so she knows this one lady that as far as I am concerned is delusional. She (my friend) many years ago (8-10 years ago) dated this woman's brother. My friend even stayed with her for awhile. Things do not work out and she breaks up with the brother and moves to Kentucky with family. She comes back and is now married with 2 kids and runs into this woman. They start a somewhat friendship. Then my friend because pregnant and this woman becomes convinced that my friend is pregnant with her nephew. Even tho it had been 3-4 years since she had been with her brother. She even went as far as almost demanding a blood test.

(ok we are getting closer to my part here)
So anyways since her youngest son was born that is all tis woman cares about. She would come and only get this child and spoil him and not care at all about the other two boys. And when my friend became sick she told her to write a will so the youngest was taken care of. My friend went ballistic and count ties.

So two weeks ago this woman came up to the college and started stuff with my friend in the parking lot. Now I know all about my friend's medical issues and I know this stress is going to cause her a lot of physical pain later. And this lady is just going on "youngest one this that and the other". I finally had enough and stepped in the middle. And it got heated between me and this woman. It really did almost come to blows with us. She told me if I did not back off she was gonna hit me and I told her go ahead and I would have her "behind" is jail. So we all go at it yelling a bit longer and it breaks off with her threatening my friend of taking all her kids away from her.

There is a lot more but thats the short version. Now the restraining order. My friend called to tell me she would not be in school Monday. I asked her why, and she told me court and to get a restraining order. Then she told me why and thats because that woman was sitting the parking lot and would not leave. Long story short woman did not know she worked there, she came in to eat with a guy, saw her and decided to sit in the parking lot to talk to her about the youngest when she got off work. Well she was having none of that. Manager went outside and asked the woman to leave the property. Woman got all hostile (surprised...NOT) and they had to call the police.

Now I am worried because this lady knows where I live, has my number and all that jazz. I am so not in the mood for crazy lady stuff.
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So sorry for you, and I feel your pain

I would inform the police about your part in this drama. If something does happen it helps to have the past documented to back you up. Be careful
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The police has been informed of that, as dept of children services, when she threatened to take her kids. When she talked to the cops they said if she comes out here or starts stalking my home to call the cops and file a report. Dept of Children Services said I might be called as a witness to what was said that day in the parking lot if she tries to take the little one.
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This woman is seeriously unbalanced. Maybe the brother could be asked to have a word with her, to confirm for her that the child is not her nephew. If that failed, it might be worth having the blood test (at her expense), just to prove the point.

On the other hand, if she's gone off the deep end, it may be that no amount of proof would be enough. I'd be awfully careful about that child -- she could decide to kidnap him!
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