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Carradoc Cat updates

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Well, once more I am broke! I just spent 447 dollars on my own CRF kitty and Snorkel the puntative FIV positive cat. One was for blood tests related to the CRF (praying the fluids we've been doing are helping to stablize his numbers!!) and one was for an exam and Western blot for Snorkel to *confirm* beyond doubt his FIV status. Praying for a minor miracle that his first test was a false positive and Western Blot shows him to be actual negative. Western Blots are 140 dollars. Whew.

I also dished out 100 dollars for one of my Carradoc kitties - she had been limping and unable to carry weight on her paw. As she was/is a fairly friendly
girl, I picked her up popped into a carrier in the cold morning hours
and zipped off to the vet.

I was fully prepared for a broken paw, but it seems she had an abscessed
paw from a bite wound, 2 punctures nailed her round her front paw area.
We helped the vet who cleaned the abcess and then gave her that marvelous 14 day anti bio shot (one shot = 14 days worth of antibiotics daily!!). Then I gave her pain meds, removed the ticks on her, (gave tick med too) and took her off to my house for a 24 hr holding period to see how she does.

Housed in the basement is also a tiny adorable female 5 month kitten, miss marple, who had just been spayed Wed. Ms. Marple was caught on Wed.at the same colony, she is the off spring of one of the mamas that I had trouble getting until she threw her first litter, alas. I got her then though, so only one litter for her!! Curiously it was a litter of boys and only 1 girl.

The boys from the litter that are Ms. Marple's brothers had been released before her, as I was sure after 24 hrs they were doing fine. But I kept the lovely Ms. Marple as she's tiny, its going to rain like heck Saturday, and although I've got shelter boxes that she can use, I'd rather she not be out in wet weather until that spay scar heals more.

She is a sweet as pie. She came out of her cage after she recovered from the anesthesia and I had given her some pain killers (so she didn't feel as much pain for the first 24 hrs) and she immediately loved on me, ate and has in short been as friendly affectionate and loving as can be!!

I am in awe. Had I room, I would keep her, but I fear with the 2 fosters I'm trying to re-home (Frodo the Siamese Mix and Snorkel) I have no room left here....besides the other 2 guys I have: Grey Goose and Frogita would NOT enjoy another kitty. They barely tolerate my Miss Yum Yum (a rescue who did not tame to others and is a mini legged munchkin coon cat. She can't be released outside again.)

So although I am broke I am very happy that I've spay/neutered 4 kittens from the colony (aged 5 months) before breeding by them could begin or roaming and fighting of the males, I've repaired a sweet ferals injured paw and given her a lead on recovery, and I've gotten Mr. Snorkel re-tested for FIV. With huge luck, he could be FIV negative! That would be the biggest blessing for us, as adopting him out would become alot easier...

Sadly to round out my animal rescue day, I had to call animal control for a smaller raccoon that had been hit by car and collapsed near my house. He will probably be PTS'd as he is probably very injured. Sad.

But ending on a good note: Oh, and I fed my colony in the am, plus someone who was away and needed the colony of cats she maintains fed.

Now off to an authentic German Beer Fest at the German biergarten.
In dridl and lederhosen. We shall make a very nice matching couple in our costumes! If the rain will hold off till later tonite all will be well...
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The world is a much nicer place with people like you who are so caring. Keep the updates coming.
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Originally Posted by KRZ View Post
The world is a much nicer place with people like you who are so caring. Keep the updates coming.
I agree!! what your doing is awesome keep up the good work
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Bless your heart!!! You are awesome!!!
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Thank you all. Broke, but a worthwhile human being, ROFL.

Injured paw girl finally got tame and friendly and is out
from under the bed, moving round the basement room.

Her wounded paw is healing nicely I think. By Thur/Fri
I can put both of them back at the colony. I wanted her
to have time to heal, properly, not be stressing out the paw
and having it contaminated by dirt etc...

The little spay gal, Ms. Marpel is ADORABLE. She
I would keep, did I not have so many others. She
is totally into me.... Ego boost, LOL. She came
right out and is so pretty and tiny and fluffy!

I know if there were a place that would take her for
adoption I'd try, but I'm not good at getting homes,
just at judging which ones are friendly enough to adjust/
adapt... this one is...

Both will get released again to the colony. Today v.
cold and windy, and so I am glad that I kept them
both over the weekend ... Friday it will warm up, and
be more seasonal, so that will be a good adjustment
time for them to acclimate to being back outside.

I am also so happy I put out the doggie cabin, I do
hope its being used. I can't see in (blocked the orginial
entrance with plywood and cut cat sized hole, LOL) but
I do think they may be using it...If so, in this windy
cold and rainy period, it will have been most useful to

I did notice on Saturday after the drenching rains that
ALL my kitties looked quite DRY. Maybe they were
in the shelter of doggie cabin! (It can fit about 6
quite easily...) And the other assorted shelter bins...

Here's to hoping! Meantime the cats look fine. I am
supplementing with vitamins in the food I give, and
a high calorie treat gel... so they can put on fat for winter...
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Update to the fluffy mama cat and Ms. Marple.

I finally caught Fluffy mama in the basement and
popped her into a trap for the return to the colony.

Her wounded paw had healed after 7 days of resting
in my basement. There MAY be a hairline fracture on
the paw though, but I did not have the heart to
keep her longer than the 7 days. She wasn't too
happy and didn't have box manners...

When I released her, she vanished, but then reappeared
in the evening for her feed and greeted me warily.

She wasn't there in the am when I feed yesterday (due
to Halloween I went at lunch time to feed). But she
probably came out to eat at dark.

She was ever so slightly limping on the paw, but not
badly. She would shift weight to the other paws, but
she could put her weight down and run if need...

Ms. Marple continues as sweet as pie in the basment,
friendlier to me every day. Playing, purring, sitting in my
lap, coming out from hiding when I come in the room.

My heart is so torn, but I have no space, and I know
that the colony is the best place for her right now.
she could be salvaged and homed, and trained
to be friendly, her natural bent is to be lovey,
but I have no time to work with her, and I have Snorkel the FIV postive
"bomb proof" boy to try to home.

I found a good foster for Snorkel for a few weeks, to enable
me to clean the basement up and move stuff around
while he is gone. I think he'll do well there, I hope and
pray the lady he is staying with thinks so... and that
he doesn't pee or mark her stuff!!! Fingers crossed for

Sadly he did re-test positive on Western Blot for FIV.
So we know for sure he has it. But like many cats it
may NEVER be a problem as he lives in side and is low

If only someone had the heart to love this boy. He is such
a Duuude cat! Great temperment and lovable. And nice
looks. He has the total package excepting he hates other kitties,
and he is FIV.

Sad. I don't want to PTS, but it may come to that if we can't
home him somewhere in the next 6 months.

With all my other cats, he takes space
that a rescue could use, or one of my injured colony cats...

And my colony cats face possible relocation temporarily, I think
that they WILL be constructing around their location, and therefore
I will have to trap and locate somewhere else until the work is done.

I have plans to save up and buy 2 large 10x10x6 dog kennels/fenced and
roofed, and place them at my boyfriends yard (the neighbors hate it, but may tolerate for a while).... not a great solution, but the best I have.

Cost about 800 for the kennels/runs .... I can put about 7 cats, in each enclosure with rubbermaids for shelter, and a roof on each. Total I can keep is around 14.... with a sand box for them, and rubbermaid shelters,
they would be okay... for months if need be during spring and summer...

Not sure when the construction might come their way or even if. Say prayers it doesn't come near them,
and by passes their hidey / sleeping/ feeding location(s)....

Okay, off to bank (to see how incredibly broke I am) then to see if I can find Snorkel's new foster location, lastly home to get the Ms. Marple ready for her
"ride to freedom" LOL. Return her and feed the colony at the same time...
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PS. Forgot to mention Mr. Frodo! He is doing well, and before my BF
left on travel he was able to sneak up behind and PICK HIM UP!!!

He lets me do this sometimes, but sometimes he doesn't fight and purrs
and other times he does fight. I always let him down if he struggles too much...

He has also apparantly gotten motivated to use the pet door. He was left out in the cold last night, and he somehow was INSIDE in the morning, and
I KNOW I put him out... but he doesn't like to use it to go out. Go figure.

He's a funny cat sometimes...

Okay off I go. Tons of chores - cleaning up the basement rooms from
the kitties, and preping for my Mom to visit
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