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Kitten peeing in bed

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I have a rescued kitten that is now 9 or 10 weeks old, he has been fine up to now and has been using a litter box without any accidents since he was 5 weeks old.

He sleeps in the bed with myself and my girlfriend, getting up and down from it continuously throughout the night. It has been us sleeping in the bed every night since he was brought home then last week she stayed at her house and during the night the kitten peed on my comforter, two or three times from the looks of it. I washed the comforter twice and used a spray I had gotten from Petco to remove the smell of urine so that they don't make a habit of it.

He was fine for a week but last night my girlfriend stayed at her house and he once again peed on my comforter during the night.

I'm not sure on how to discipline a kitten since I have only ever had dogs my entire life, but I put his nose in it and flicked his nose a few times both times he did this.

The only conclusion I can make of this is it has something to do with my girlfriend not sleeping in the bed, or possibly me sleeping on 'her' side when she is gone.

How can I break him of this habit without forcing my girlfriend to forever to sleep with this cat or risk having to get rid of him?
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First and foremost, the kitten could have a UTI. Peeing in places outside of their litter tray is there way of telling you. Get that checked out FIRST!

Second, some things may be making him not want to pee in his tray. Perhaps he is marking his territory? Getting him fixed (if he is not already) reduces the amount of times he pees to mark territory. Or maybe you are not cleaning the tray enough and he does not want to go in a "dirty" tray. Scoop his tray one to two times a day and clean it either weekly or every 10 days or so to maintain it well.
As far as punishing goes, when my kittens picked up this habit I did a consecutive punishment. Its easy on them to remember what happends when they do bad things if you do the same punishment each time. I would put their nose in the pee and said "NO! BAD!". Then place them in my walkin closet while I gathered the sheets, for a time out. The I would IMMEDIATELY bathe them. Which they HATED! It took only 2 more times of this that they learned quickly peeing on the bed=timeout, and bath.
Goodluck with this!
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I just have to step in here and say that rubbing their nose in it doesn't do a thing and you'll end up with a cat that will be a bit afraid of you and it's a mean and spiteful thing to do.

Animals, unlike us lowly humans, do not do things out of spite. Before punishing your cat, take him to a vet to make sure he has no infections.

Also, as another poster said, some cats will not use a dirty litter box. The general rule is one litter box per cat plus one extra. Some cats do not like to pee and poo in the same box.

If, after being vet checked, there seems to be nothing medical wrong with your cat, then the nights that your girlfriend stays at her house, just put the cat in bathroom with litter and food for the night. That is far preferrable to punishing him.
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So you both think it has more to do with a medical problem? He always has a clean litter box (clean it every morning and night and completely empty it out every week).

I thought perhaps it was him doing it as he was upset my girlfriend was not there, as he has been fine every single night she has been and problems both nights she hasn't been there.
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Trip to the vet should clear this up. Is your kitten fixed? If not, you should look into it. Add cat attract to the litter box.
how many boxes do you have? What do they look like and where are they located?
Answers to these questions can help.
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He isn't fixed, still pretty small but I guess I could have him neutered now. The litterbox is in my bedroom since that seemed to be his favorite room.

Would attractant help? He uses it fine all the time the only time he pees in bed is when my girlfriend is not sleeping in it, so I know he is aware of how to use it and used it for a month with no problems.
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Good luck, hopefully he will grow out of it?

My cat peed in my bed today...not happy.
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