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I have not done it but would be willing to answer if I was chosen.
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Looks like a fun way to get to know memebers.. I would do it too
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I would love to be in the spotlight as well.
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Id love to be picked one time.. Ive been here a couple years and always wondered when i would be picked! i like doing things like that.. idk why tho lol..
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Bring on the questions! I would happily do it!
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I would also do it

(look how many volunteers there are? dying out HAH!!)

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I am willing to do it as well (never been before)
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If you want to listen to a weird person, pick me!

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I'd be willing to be grilled like a Texas steak!

However, I'm sometimes gone for as much as a day and a half.
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I ponder this from time to time and go back and forth as to whether I'd want to be on the receiving end of the questions or not. Depends a lot on what space I'm in at the time and how open I'm feeling, so I'll probably never get around to volunteering. I wonder how many other people there are who would, for whatever reason, never volunteer, but might accept an invitation if it came at the right time.........just a thought.
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