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advantage or frontline

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hi guy's
I have 3 indoor cats, we got the third about a year ago. the other two are 10 years old, we have never had a problem with fleas, but all of a sudden , I noticed a flea on the little girl. So i need to nip this now. I have heard that the best drops [for the neck] are advantage or frontline.
do ya'll have a favorite? which one's do ya'll prefer?
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I love Advantage, never had any side affects. When I used frontline Tessie got a bald and irritated spot where I applied it.
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I quit using advantage because the last 2 times the fleas did not die.
I used frontline last time and it worked but have not used anything in over a year. We have no fleas at all.
My vet likes Revolution the best and said to get it next time.
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Yea I was just gonna say Revolution would be the best one, I had my cats on that. I dont know if it's the same for all vets, but my vet wont give it to an animal inless the animal has been seen by the vet first. (All my cats have been spayed/neutered there so I dont have a problem)
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I use advantage....Used frontline once (vet gave me a small sample tube, used part of it on the kittens before the weighed enough to use advantage). Main reason? Its a whole lot cheaper, at least, where I get it. I buy mine online on't had a problem with it so far. I know everyone will probably say that I should get it only at my vets office, but, it is roughly $12 a dose there, when I get it on amazon, I've been able to get it for as little as ~$7.50 a dose, including shipping.

If cost wasn't a factor, I'd probably go with frontline as it will kill ticks, where are prevalent in our area. I haven't ever seen a tick on the cats (they're indoor) but it would make me feel better.

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Ku Ku was on frontline for about a year & half until she was diagnosed some worm problems. I switched it to revolution and she's been on it ever since but temporarily had to change it to advantage for quarantine requirement(they don't accept revolution as flea treatment which, my vet back then was extremely surprised at). I already switched it back to revolution but yes, I must say "advantage" as frontline doesn't seem to kill or prevent much fleas.

Another friend of mine was also using frontline on her cat(long-haired)but switched to advantage - she was saying exactly the same thing.

Regarding indoor cats getting flea, fleas can get in your home when you come back in from outdoor.
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I actually just bought nursing cat has fleas and it's the only one safe for nursing cats. But I'm still glad I'm using it instead of Frontline or Advantage, because Revolution also takes care of ear mites, which I hadn't been able to get rid of for her yet. The ear drops just didn't seem to do the trick, but it was hard to restrain her when she was pregnant to give them to her. Besides, I'd much rather give her one dose of Revolution for the ear mites than have to do drops in both ears for 7-10 days, which is a pain for both me and her.

I'm a little embarrassed to say I use a cheaper brand for my other cats...but I use it as a preventative more than a treatment right now, since none of them have fleas (they're separated from the momma cat). Flea meds get expensive when you have 5 cats to treat!
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I like Revolution because it covers fleas, mites and worms.
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We had a flea issue over the summer and used Frontline first as that was what the vet offered. I wasn't that happy with it and chose to use Advantage from 1800 pet meds for the remainder of their flea treatment...I liked it much better.

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I use Frontline as a preventative a few times over the summer. We live in Wisconsin and usually have a hard freeze over the winter. So Spring, Mid-Summer, and Fall I usually dose them with Frontline. This year Nabu and Stimpy only got Spring and Mid-Summer doses. This fall when Lola showed up, the vet said she had no fleas and didn't recommend flea meds. Then we moved to a house with hardwood floors and only a couple smallish area rugs, so I haven't dosed them again. I will again in the spring though. This system has worked really well for us for years.
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I just got my cat, and my vet recomended Advantage so that is what I put on him.

But, it left a bald spot where I applied it. It wasnt irritated looking at all, just bald. Now, 3 weeks later, the hair is growing back. I dont know why it left the bald spot.

I havent seen any fleas though.
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Advantage is easier to apply. I've wasted applications of Frontline because I think the packaging is kind of funky and hard to apply. It's not really a squeeze sorta just dig it in there and wait for the liquid to drop out. But otherwise, I'm not a cat, so I don't know which one actually works better.
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