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Halloween Costume help

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Does anyone know where I can get a kilt custom made in under a week and get it shipped to me? I also need a set of long bull horns, a real looking breast plate, and some red body paint. To apply body paint would i have to shave, I hope not...

Anyway if you guys know any good websites that would be great.

Thanks for your help.
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My ex partner is Scottish and his was expensive, so to ship would cost a fortune, plus your cutting it fine to have one custom made.
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The traditional kilt - as I understand - was originally a strip of cloth gathered around the waist. Sooooo, if you can head to a fabric store and get a length of plaid material...

How much material, I don't know. Depends on your girth. Maybe this can help.
It talks about the belted kilt.

Like Susan said, you are cutting it close. And kilts like her ex partner wears can be expensive.

As for the rest of your costume...
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if you had more time (and plenty of money) I know folks... but seriously, you're cutting it way too close. May I ask what are you trying to be?

As much as I dislike Joanns Fabric and Craft, they have plaid flannel. The wool will be entirely too expensive (I found some at work for $20 a yard, and you'd need a LOT of yardage, anyone does for a kilt), and hard to find... seriously hard to find. Get several yards of the flannel (pick a bolt with lots on it, Joanns doesn't typically carry backstock), a belt that will fit your true waist (think close to the belly button), then lay the belt on the floor, unfold the flannel (should be 45 inches wide selvage to selvage), gather up the flannel (with the belt at the folded halfway point) over the belt. Easiest way to get it on you alone is to probably lay down on the flannel (mind you, wrapped kilts take much more work, and people, to get on a man, this is the easy way). Once you belt the fabric around your waist, get up, overlap the flannel so you don't have an obvious gap... no flashing allowed. You have a cheap(ish) kilt...

As for realistic breastplate and such... not in the time you have. Just make do with what you have, go to Spirit Halloween Supply, get their plastic costume bits. You may find a theatrical costume rental place, but they'll probably have a lot of their good stuff reserved for other events and people by now.

If you had more time, I'd be willing to help make you a basic pleated (sewn) kilt... but to finish my own costumes, do the cleaning necessary to get said sewing done, and have it shipped to you before Halloween, it's a stretch... a huge stretch.

If you want, I can draw up a diagram of the kilt instructions I wrote above...

And I suspect, since you're back east, going shirtless won't be very comfy... I'd recommend getting a long sleeve red shirt... wear that under the breastplate... it's easier to take off after the party... red face/body paint has a tendency to leave a little behind...

Let me know if you need anything else. I do costume stuff year round... so this is up my alley...

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DH just bought a Scottsman Halloween costume at the costume shop. It's not nearly as nice as a real, custom made one, but since you only have a week...

Whether you'd have to shave probably depends on how hairy you are.
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