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Has anyone got this cool cat toy spa thing?

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My kitty has got quite a few toys but we haven't bought any for a while so I have been looking online. I have found this which I think is great and I wonder if anyone has one and knows if it is good or not? Here is the link
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Yes, mine had one and it went down like a sinking ship I recently gave it to The Cats Protection because they didn't want to know

Gil bought them it and this was all Sophie and Jack did with it

Rosie was a bit more enthusiastic

But then she preferred to lie on it instead

I had to carry that with my case on a train from Inverness If it were me i'd spend your money on some good old catnip and fishing poles
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Sibohan playes with hers on occasion but it's been in storage for a few months. She would rather some to me for a scratch than rub against it.
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We used to have it, they lost interest fast
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I have 2 of them, all 5 of mine like them, we have them at the shelter too because they are easy to clean and sterilise
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I got one last Christmas for my two. Neither of them like it. Forrest sometimes like to chew on that "teething nub" or whatever it is that sticks up out of the center but won't rub or try to groom himself on those hard spikes. Lilly immediately took a dislike to it. I really thought they would like it.

My kitties give it a rating of Two Paws Down
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I got this one and she didn't seems interested in it at all. She sniffed it, rubbed her paws on it and nothing much. Abandoned...
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'nothing much......Abandoned'

Thanks for the advice. I think I will find something else! My cat is quite 'picky' so i am def going with the general consesus here that not so good odds on him liking it and it being another 'ornament' in the house that he sniffed and walked away from that cost £££. Silly thing is I buy all these 'gimmick' toys and he is really perfectly happy if not happier with his little multi-coloured feather on a stick thing that he wrecks quick but cheap to replace!
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I had bought the catit spa toy a while ago and both my cats loved it but I've just ordered this toy for my cats it's just new I think because I haven't seen it around before - I can't wait until it arrives
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I bought my kitties a Black&Decker power drill a while ago. They haven't played with it yet, but I've found it useful for a couple of tasks, so it's not a total loss.
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i didnt see nothing. just a blank page
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