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The Daily Thread October 24th, 2008-TGIF!

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Hello all!!

Its 7 am and still dark outside!! Its also lightly raining so that is contributing to the dark skies this morning.

Have a nasty headache (seems like sinus)-yuck. Took a couple aspirin and drinking some water to see if that helps.

Neil is off today so we will work on ceiling. I wanted to get some stuff done outside if I could-depends on weather now.

Went to book sale yesterday and picked up 18 books ($19). That should hold me for a few weeks!!

Broke down and started a fire in the wood stove last night. So sleeping will be better as the cats like to snooze in the family room where its warmer.

Trying a new recipe for dinner tonite a apple cider stew with pork, squash and apples.

The cats are all within a couple feet of me on the sofa!!

Enjoy the day!!

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That you feel better soon

It's a lovely sunny but chilly day here in the UK

Half my day is over, and after that i'm on holiday for a week!!

I'm off to London tomorrow for the weekend with my sister and were going to the theatre to see Grease

I love fridays
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Good morning!

It's a real cold start here this morning. We had our first freeze last night and I was out on the deck earlier watching and listening to all the leaves falling off the trees. It sounded like an ice storm.

I have a few errands to run this morning and need to sit down and pay bills later.

We are going out to dinner then to see Jerry Seinfeld.

Have a great day!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny here this morning but they are calling for rain later today and for the rest of the weekend. Let's hope they are wrong..

Just waiting for my sister we are going shopping at Walmart then out to lunch.

After lunch I am going back over to my aunts for a bit to rake a few leaves for her. She gave me two cherry pies for my freezer for helping her yesterday which was very nice of her. Seriously though she has about 40 pies in her freezer she is a firm believer you don't visit people empty handed so keeps a supply of pies and whenever she's going to visit someone she throws one in the oven, instant gift.
It's actually a pretty good idea.

The kitties are good this morning, indulging in their various kitty pursuits.

Everyone have a good one
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Yuk, has rained here most of the day. on a better note, I got a loan to get my van back, and had enough left over to get hub's van fixed too....yay!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Have a nasty headache (seems like sinus)-yuck.
.....a bit same feelings here....

have a nite night today my friends!
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This morning I woke up and did some stuff around the house & took a shower. After that I made some lunch and went to my first day at my new job. (It went pretty good!)

Tonight I went to the mall with my best friend and did a little shopping! She helped me pick out a few things for my Secret Santa! I just got home a little while ago so now I'm just hanging around the house for a bit before bed.
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