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Best makeup for blemishes

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Girls, i was wondering, what concealer do you find works best on your face? I've found some that are too oily, not enough moisture, don't blend well over moisturised skin (for some reason ive found it prefers toned skin but not moisturised), never find the right shade, too thick, too thin and doesn't cover just blends back into the skin but not over the blemish.

I'm getting so annoyed with this money i keep spending. Ever since i went off the pill in january, my face breaks out alot more and call me vain, but i don't want to walk out of the house without making sure i look half decent. After all, i'm not in high school anymore, and i hate having skin that doesn't seem to belong to an adult.

Diet wise i've changed alot so it's nothing to do with that. But i've still got stress and now that my hormones aren't being controlled by oral contraceptives they don't seem to like me anymore.

If you can give me some good remedies for getting rid of blemishes and what concealer you find works best, please do tell me. Some days/weeks my face is pretty much ok except for a spot or two, but at the moment i have many and i feel very disgusted in myself.

For those suggesting i get back on the pill, the whole reason i went off was that when we moved house, i saw a new doctor who wouldn't give me another prescription because my blood pressure was too high. My other regular gp was fine with it because my pressure went up and down. And no i can't go back to my other gp because we live too far away from there now.

Any advice will be taken on board.
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Nice to see you again!! I know nothing about make up, but have you spoken to the doctor about Implanon? It's the small rod that gets inserted into your arm and releases hormones. It lasts up to 3 years, and once it's removed, the hormones leave your body within a couple of days - much faster then other contraceptives.

It may be a good option
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hey there I have to drink a lot of water and use a mask twice a week to stay on top of my skin problems. I use garniers three in one mask - a scrub, soap and mask in one tube - it's fantastic and it's not too harsh on your skin either. As for make-up, I like the mineral foundations because they don't dry out or over-oil your skin. Concealers don't tend to work too well on my skin either, so I will use a powder foundation and apply it with a wet cotton-bud. That way I can almost make my own concealer. Then I'll use the powder foundation as it should be used over the top of it. It works well enough, provided I'm careful. You can also apply it to suit you, without looking patchy and "unblended!"

And like Sarah suggested, I have an Implanon implant and it's been an absolute godsend! My skin only really breaks out at that time of the month, and even then, it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. It's because you don't have huge fluxes in how much hormone is in your system... eg. High in the morning when you take the pill, and then low again by the end of the day. The implant give you a constant level... it's fab! Thoroughly recommeneded!
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You don't need a special concealer.

Just do your regular skin care, pat the area with a bit of face powder. Then using one of those cosmetic sponges, gently pat some cream foundation , not a liquid, over the blemish, pat again with face powder.

The key is patting the area, not rubbing.
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I use Clinique concealer, the air brush one. Its the only one that does any good!! I can get really oily skin and breakouts around that time of the month. All the other concealers I have tried have either 'slipped' or made no difference, i don't like ones that are too thick or cloggy. This one just blends into my skin so its easy to apply!! Also, I like clinique as it is not tested on animals!
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Have you seen a dermatologist?

Granted, my dtr's only 14, and not an adult. But she had horrible acne. It was on her face, back and chest. I broke down and took her to one b/c she was very self-concious of just how bad her skin was. Some of her pimples were huge and they hurt (I think that's cystic acne).

She's now on 3 different medicines. And her skin is almost clear. Doctor told us last week that she's probably going to be on medicine for the rest of her teenage years.

She wants to put some makeup on, I've been hesitant b/c I don't want her putting something on her face that's going to un-do all of the hard work she's done for the last 3 months. And I just don't know how the stuff is going to react with the topical medicines she's on.

I hear you on the BC thing. I can't take the pill either, about 2 years ago my BP was up while I was on the pill. I now take the Depo-Provera shot. It's not my favorite b/c I put on weight right after I started taking it (and I've been trying to take it off). But I also have endometriosis, and it's either put up with the weight gain, or have heavy, painful periods. Not a fun choice.
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Ugh, I totally feel your pain. My doc took me off the pill in February because of some clotting issues. My face has broken out like a teenager every since. (I'm 40...I'm too old to be dealing with acne like this.)

I find the best concealing makeup is mineral makeup. It covers really well and stays in place all day. I use Everyday Minerals, but there are other good ones out there, too.

I've just recently discovered that switching to an all-natural moisturizer has helped control the breakouts immensely. We had a nutritionist come and give a presentation at our office a couple weeks ago about skin care. She talked about the chemicals in most makeups and skin products. She brought stuff with her so that everyone got to mix up a batch of moisturizer that contains just almond oil, hazelnut oil, and orange essential oil. Just for the heck of it I gave it a try and I was amazed to find that it's helped clear up the acne a LOT. I went out and bought the stuff to make some more. We'll see if it helps in the long run, but for now my skin's a lot clearer.
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Ugh, skin problems. i feel you. I dont have really bad acne, and most of the time my face is clear. sometimes i get little pimples or a really big one. i get blackheads. Ive never tried Proactiv, i dont think my skin is really bad enough for that. I like Neutrogena, their products work well at keeping my skin under control. As for the make up, i stopped using covergirl and things like that, bc it makes me break out worse. I buy mineral makeup. It comes as a powder, but it says in the instructions that you can add water to it to make it liquid. Using it really helps keep pimples away, and its worth the extra $ imo. Oh, and alot of companies like revlon are making mineral makeup too. but i dont buy that, its like 11 dollars for ONE THING. i get mineral makeup sets on ebay for like $30-40 dollars at the most and i get the foundation, concealer, mineral veil, eyeshadow, more lil powder thingys that help conceal, brushes, blush, everything. plus, a little goes a long way and it lasts a while.

And for those who dont know, I was watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel. He was helping a smokehouse clean their smoker. he had to clean all the fat and grease that comes off the meat and collects at the bottom. He said that it gets recycled, and goes into makeup. Thats what made me realize it was probably make up that was making my skin oily. i stopped buying that stuff and started ordering the mineral makeup.
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Dilute tea tree oil & BHA product work best for me. Occasionally I still see 1 or 2 small blemishes right before aunt flo is here but the combination has keep my face clear for some time.

Paula's Choice offer BHA product in gel, liquid, & lotion form. Reasonably priced & effective (I use liquid BHA). I also use her cosmetics plus mineral makeup.

Good Luck- everyone is different. Like you I had to spent lots of $$ before found out what work for me.
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Thanks for your replies guys, i was away for the weekend so only just getting on now. I'll find out about the shot, hopefully it's not too costly.

I did in fact yesterday, find and buy a new foundation that i've put on this morning, and it's blended in and made my face look a bit clearer, and that is without concealer. Obviously i can still see spots *bag over head*. It's by a brand called Australis, and is in a squeeze tube that come out through a beautifully soft and wide brush like a paint brush. I don't need to use my fingers to blend it in either!

Nataltie, i've actually never been big on foundation because of the whole oily tzone and wanting that natural look, trying to mask my whole face looked unnatural, and as we're heading into Summer, it was just another thing to worry about. I'm trying to keep a regular routine if i remember Once a week i use a facial scrub in the shower. In the morning and at night i remove all the grime and makeup with a natural witchhazel toner, then use a Simple brand moisturiser, which has all the happy non allergenic stuff etc. And if i have spots just coming up i use a tea tree based gel.

The thing is i have a habit of sometimes neglecting these routines, and sort of..poking at my face if it's annoying me...i know, very terrible.

I'm trying

Hey sarah! *hugs* Thanks for your missing me Hope you, Andrew and the furbabies are doing well. Yesterday we hit almost 30, and it's not the end of Spring yet *curls up in the fridge* i think Christmas is going to be a hot one again, are you guys coming back?
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Hey sarah! *hugs* Thanks for your missing me Hope you, Andrew and the furbabies are doing well. Yesterday we hit almost 30, and it's not the end of Spring yet *curls up in the fridge* i think Christmas is going to be a hot one again, are you guys coming back?
Nope we're going to stay home, turn the heaters onto maximum, sit around in swimwear and towels complaining about the heat, and find some frozen prawns to defrost and eat while drinking cold beers
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Nope we're going to stay home, turn the heaters onto maximum, sit around in swimwear and towels complaining about the heat, and find some frozen prawns to defrost and eat while drinking cold beers
Oh now, that's just plain cruel!
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I use bare minerals. I find that it works well, and it blends in. You never gets those "cakey" orange-ish or white-ish spots if the surface of whatever you're covering up. It's not a liquid, so it doesn't clog your pores either.

I used to have terrible skin, and I tried everything under the sun to "fix" it. Prescriptions, Proactiv, all sorts of natural cleansers and remedies, etc. BC pills didn't do anything, like they tell you it will. I tried a variety of make-ups. My skin cleared up when I stopped with all of that. I just wash my face with straight warm water every night, and it's near perfect. I don't even use moisturizer anymore. I guess my skin just can't handle any of that stuff.

Oh, and if you do I don't know, but shouldn't use your fingers to apply make-up, and you should be washing your brushes weekly so you are not applying oils and dirt back onto your skin. I just put a little shampoo in my hand, wet the brush and swirl the brush into it, then rinse until it runs clear.
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