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Amato Amadeus is sneezing

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Hello, everyone,

I haven't posted for a while (reading, though). My cat Amato has been sneezing for several days. Nothing else - no discharge from nose or eyes, fever, loss of appetite. He is a bit logey, though.
I called the vet, and she said to watch him for a few days more, then take him in if he doesn't get better. In the meanwhile (and since I am paying now for two surgeries on my other furries), I wanted to ask if anyone else had a furrie who just sneezed. Do they get allergies or just colds?
One fact that might help is that the season's changing, and he's inside more. This house was just weatherized, so it's tighter inside. But the sneezing really started quite a while after that.

Thanks for any help, and I hope all your furries are doing well,


Oh, forgot to say there have been no changes in food, litter, or anything else.
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Pixel has a tendency to sneeze... but she also has feline herpes, & i think it's somewhat related.
also, if i brush her face in a particular manner, it seems to cause sneezing [& purring at the same time ].
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Well, fall is a season of allergies, so it may be worse right now. If you don't see any discharge, and he's not spraying "kitty snot" all over when he sneezes, I wouldn't be too worried, but I would definitely keep an eye on him.
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Jack is a sneezer but its his feline herpes usually. I've noticed it that last 2 weeks or so, and the outside temperatures have dropped drastically, plus we turned the heat on the beginning of the week as well. Sneezing is rarely a cause for concern around here--we just pull out the L-Lysine.

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