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Dry vs Wet food?

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Whats best? I have done some reading and found that dry food without grains is good. One of my concerns is with canned food and there fecies.
Does the can food make the cats fecies stink more, and alot more messy?
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I don't know if there is anything inherently better about either one. I am in the process of adopting a lovely kitty girl and her foster mom only feeds her dry food, saving the wet for special occasions. I gave my boy (now at the Bridge) both, although I must say he did love the canned. Other folks have told me it is good to save canned for only occasional use, because if the cat gets sick, it would be easier to get them to eat canned food. That sort of makes sense to me, but I don't know if it would hold true in all cases.

I plan to offer my new girl (when I hopefully bring her home in about 2 weeks; adoption is not final yet) what she is currently eating and then gradually switch her over to what I used to feed my tabby boy. I am not sure yet about canned food for her, although I have been researching it again -- I had not really looked into the topic for awhile. I know that some magazines have articles about the best foods - wet and dry - for cats.
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Sharky has referred you to another thread that has all the information you'll need.

An all wet diet is the healthiest for your cat but most folks like the convenience of dry food. We feed wet morning and night with about 1/3 cup dry for snacking on during the day.
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I agree with yosemiye. Since one of my cats got diabetes from eating dry food, it is not allowed within 5 miles of my house! Please read
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I had 2 cats growing up and both died from urinary tract issues and/or kidney problems...they were on all dry food (purina cat chow).

When I got my cats, I wanted to feed high quality, but was still a dry food believer (better for their teeth, etc.). I eventually moved to feeding EVO dry (no grains, high fat/ protein). I liked that I had to feed less, I liked that there was less poo to clean, I liked that I didn't have to buy food as often. The price, although higher than regular dry, I think ended up equaling out due to the fact that I fed less.

All that said...
1. It did make some of my cats gassy at times
2. Their poo did smell more than it did when I fed regular dry
3. One of my cats developed a couple of UTIs, partially due, I think, to the high levels of minearls and magnesium, ash, etc. in the high protein dry.

With that in mind, I'm now feeding about 50/50 wet and dry and am trying to feed mostly non-grain wet food and a dry food that is good, but has good levels for UTI health.

I think all wet would be ideal, but I can't afford it right now and, unfortunately, the cats seem to prefer the dry food.

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I feed all wet to one of my cats and half wet half dry to the other. The one on all wet used to eat mostly dry with just one wet meal per day. I didn't notice any change in his poos when I switched to wet food. They aren't any more smellier now. What does seem to make a difference to that sort of thing is the brand and/or ingredients, rather than whether it is wet or dry. When I fed Jaffa Hills dry once, I got a very smelly litter tray. years later I tried hills wet food and got the same result. Mosi had some whiskas wet kitten food when he was a ktiten (part of a free kitten pack) and that made him fart a lot and produce smelly poos
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