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I am so sorry for your loss. She was a real beauty! Everyone here at the CatSite has felt the loss of a beloved kitty, so you will never be mocked here. Play happily over the bridge Nala.
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Ooooh I am so sorry. How devastating. Sending love and light.
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I got the results of the necropsy.

Nala had a fractured thoracic vertebrae around T8. They also found damage around the lobe of the liver and 75ml of blood in her abdomen. The team of veterinarians (all necropsies are done by the veterinarian medical school in the province I live in) concluded she had deceased from a trauma.

It would have taken a bad fall or something heavy would have needed to fall on her. The report said the hemorrhage wasn't enough to kill her, so some sort of shock would have had to accompany the hemorrhage.

I have no idea how she could have fractured a vertebrae. Both my Bengals have always been active and always jump everywhere. There's nothing apparently dangerous in the apartment.

It was a dull, stupid accident.
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I'm so sorry

RIP beautiful little Nala
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Oh dear, I'm so sorry

You may never know how your girl injured herself but at least you do have some answers. Thank you for sharing her picture. Such a beautiful sweet face. I'm so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace
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I'm so sorry to hear this. When I was little my parents had a cat that ran into a snowbank and broke a vertebrae and died. It was very tragic but there was absolutely, positively nothing we could have done. Cats will be playful cats and even if you had been home, you probably still would have had the same situation on your hands, although you would have been able to say goodbye. Please don't blame yourself, Nala is at peace and now that you know that it was an accident (accidents aren't really preventable) and nothing contagious hopefully you can be at peace too.
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How sad and scary. RIP Nala. she was a beautiful cat.
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