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Major Surgery Vibes needed

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I know the famous TCS vibes and Prayers work wonders. I am hoping you all have some to spare for my Big guy Stomper.

Yesterday I had to take Stomper to the emergency specialty vets 3 hours away. He has been on and off sick for the last two months and the vets are having a hard time determining just what is wrong. I need to update the original thread for any members that may have to deal with this in the future.

Stomper has a 14.2 mm gallstone, which is really rare in cats. He had a bad bout of pancreatitis in August but none of the vets knew if the gallstones were incidental or if they were causing the problems. Since the surgery for the gallstones is so dangerous they wanted to try other treatments for IBD and pancreatitis first.

On Tuesday Stomper started projectile vomiting and became seriously ill. We thought we were going to loose him yesterday. He is stablized now, but has to have the surgery tomorrow morning to remove his gallbladder. He also has pancreatitis and cholangiohepatitis right now as well, making the situation even more dangerous. Ultrasound showed an area of thickening in his duodenum as well, so not sure if IBD or lymphosarcoma. He will be getting pancreatic, liver and intestinal biopsies as well.

This picture is from when he just got home from the hospital after his last bout of pancreatitis. He still wasn't feeling so good.
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Aww...Stomper is adorable.

Sending lots of good vibes for your big boy.
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Aww, what a dear little face bless his heart.

Sending lots of and Prayers for your big beautiful boy.
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Poor Stomper! He looks like a big fluff monster. We wish him good luck and a speedy recovery! I bet he'll handle it well. I'm sure he's a trooper!
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Poor baby! I can totally sympathize with him - I had 100 gallstones and pancreatitis this past December....had my surgery in Februrary. I'll keep Stomper in my thoughts and send lots of good vibes your way.
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Look at that sweet sweet face. Sending so many positive vibes this little sweetie's way For you, too
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i sympathize w/Stomper's illness - had my gallbladder removed about 5 years ago.
sending & for a quick & easy surgery & recovery!
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Prayers for him.
He sure is a nice looking cat.
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Awwww, Stomper is adorable.
You must be really stressed out about this.

Mega vibes are on the way for a successful surgery and negative biopsies followed by a quick recovery for sweet Stomper.
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Poor fluffy boy... lots of good thoughts coming his way (and yours!)
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What a gorgeous kitty. No wonder you love him. You've really gone all-out to save him. Mega
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Many, many vibes for Stomper and a successful surgery!

and for you! I know how hard this must be
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You are in our hearts today sweet Stomper.
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Thinking of Stomper.
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Prayers for Stomper!
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Wishing Stomper a speedy recovery
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Todays renewed vibes for Stomper
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What a beautiful boy. Many many Prayers and for Stomper and you.
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Oh Bless him, he's gorgeous Many vibes and prayers for him
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Thank you everyone for your prayers, vibes and thoughts for Stomper and myself.

The surgeon just called and Stomper will be heading into surgery in about 45 minutes, which is 12:15 or so mountain time. She said the surgery will be about two hours without complications.

I feel better after talking to her. We are still more on a fact finding mission than a curative one. She said that she will have to do a complete cholesysectomy because the risk of stone building back up is high. She was hoping however that his gallbladder was not in too poor of shape based on the ultrasound image. This will reduce the likelihood of any bile leakage.

The thing she seems most worried about is that the thickening of his intestine may actually be a mass.

The up side is after today will with really know what is going on and will be able to form a concrete treatment plan instead of trying to guess.

Again I can't tell you all how much your support means. I have been crying so much my eyes are swollen shut...I look like something out of the x-files. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere today. I would be scaring small children and adults alike.

I will post again when I hear news.
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I hope everything goes well.
I do know how scared you are because i have been that scared before.
Let us know how it goes.
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Best wishes for a successful surgery and the best diagnostic outcome possible. He's beautiful, even when he's a little under the weather.
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We are waiting with you.

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Good News. Stomper did well in surgery. I just spoke to the surgeon again and he is curled up and sleeping comfortably. She said he is doing just what they want after surgery.

She said things looked better inside than she expected. No mass or tumor, liver and pancreas looked pretty good. She took biopsies of his intestines and stomach.

The gallbladder had to be removed. She said it looked good on the outside, but inside it was very nasty, full of small stones, sludge and abnormal looking bile. I am not sure just what abnormal bile would look like.

I am hopeful that this all means the problem really was his gallbladder and he will perk right back up now.

Next hurdle will be seeing if he will start eating tomorrow. The surgeon said she will call in the morning.
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I'm so glad surgery went well. Get well soon Stomper. He sure is a gorgeous boy!
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I am glad h is doing good.
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Oh that is great news all around! Hopefully everything has just been his gallbladder and he is on his way to feeling the best he ever has. Sending speedy recovery vibes for your little handsome guy. Thanks for keeping us updated. Heres to him eating tomorrow, too
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Glad the surgery went well and fingers crossed for the biopsy results.
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Glad to hear the surgery went well. Sending more vibes for Stomper.
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It's early Sat. morning....
checking in on sweet Stomper.
I bet that you can hardly wait to hold your precious boy.
I look at his picture and just melt....what a sweet pie.
Sending vibes that he regains his appetite quickly followed by a big welcome home hug.
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