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I'm so relieved

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I'm going out of down for an extended long weekend in two weeks and I could not find anyone to kittysit Max. Two different people I had asked fell through. The first because of some emergency surgery (I can understand that) and the other because she is just too busy (sigh). I called my friend Robyn (Robyn has a husband, three dogs and four boys so you can see why I did not want to ask her) and she said she would look forward to the quiet of my house and was happy to kittysit Max. I told her I insisted on paying her and she agreed. She is going to Mexico in February and she said she would put the money in her Mexico fund. I'm so relieved. I just don't feel comfortable leaving Max without someone checking on him every day. Some of my friends think I'm nuts, but they don't understand that Max is like my child. Just had to share my relief!
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Congrats! Make sure you leave a number where you can be reached and your vet's number!
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Yeah, Nora.. some non-kitty people just can't comprehend how come we treat our kitties like babies.

Just yesterday, i brought Venus for a walk. i had to carry her in her carrier.

My hubby and i enjoy watching new and updated dvds and vcds. i walked to the video store (my hubby goes there everyday.) The lady owner of the store (Chinese owner, in her 40s) does not like cats at all. It was amusing how she reacted to Venus - like she was virus or something. Oh well.

i don't expect everyone to understand my love for my kitties, i guess.

This is Venus:
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Oh Shirley, Venus is beautiful.
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Good idea Teresa. I never thought to leave that information. Although, Robyn is a good friend and she brings her dogs to the same Vet Clinic that I bring Max to, but I go to the Vet that specializes in cats. I will have to remember to leave her my cell phone number and the number of the motel. Thanks for the reminder.
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Nora, thanks...

i felt kinda bad for a moment when she reacted negatively towards Venus. However, i respect her, so i hurriedly took the vcd *White Oleander, n got out of the store. Oh well.

Please, Nora, show us your baby Max pix. Thanks!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Nora, You're so right! I always have someone come over when I'm gone, just to give the cats love! Even fresh water and food can't fill an empty house. The same is true of the dog. They might think they're being abandoned, so it's comforting to have a friendly hug and scritchy-scratch!

And you're right about Venus too. She's beautiful! I think the lady in the store must be a virus! LOL I know what you mean, though. I had a sister-in-law who hated cats. Too bad. This is my house. It's a shame that these people are missing out on one of life's joys.
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I will show Max's pictures, but I have to get the right equipment. My friend said she would help me. He's a beautiful black/grey/white/rust tabby.
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I agree with you 100% - could not forgive myself if I would leave my Loki alone for a day or so and something happened to him. They are our children!!!!
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I'm so glad you found someone to watch Max!!!
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Glad you found somebody to look after him!

When we go anywhere, we have our neighbour, Jean, check up on Socks. It's really sweet. She's quite elderly and lonely and just loves to look after the furball as long as she doesn't have to clean the litter (I think she has problems bending down). Socks seems to understand this and doesn't mind it, but we can't leave for long periods. I offered to help Jean with a kitty of her own, but she said that mine is just fine, because she doesn't have to clean up after her.
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Nora, I´m glad you found someone to take care of Max. I also feel that I have to get someone to look in on my girls, and preferably stay for a while. Still I always worry, that something might happen (fire etc.) when nobody is there, and they cant get out.

Shirley, Venus is really beautyful so very white and so soft you can see it! Does he have separate colors on his eyes?
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I understand how you feel. When I go out of town, I worry about Ivo (who is my little girl). Luckily, I can ask my neighbor Brian to keep an eye on her. Brian was involved in her rescue, and Ivo really likes Brian (so much when she hears him in the hallway, she has to go out and say hi). Luckily, he likes spending time with her just as much (he would have adopted her, but he's allergic to cats when he's in close and constant contact). Even though he has watched her many times, I still tell him what she likes to eat and when, what she likes to do, and I leave him with a list of ALL the important numbers (including the vet, the emergency vet, where I'm staying and my Dad's number in case of emergencies). But, knowing she's in such good and loving hands makes me feel easier about leaving her.
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I'm the same way with Spike. I don't like leaving him alone for more than a regular workday's amount of time. Luckily I have my mom and sister who will stop in to care for him if I'm gone more than that. When I was in Norway over the summer, I was gone for 17 days. I called home at least every other day to check up on Spike. My boyfriend is still getting used to Spike being my child instead of my pet.
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Glad you could find someone to look after him I cried the first time I took a trip and left my guys. Even though I had people to come check on them, I was still so worried. I'm better now, but I still don't like being away too long.

Shirley, Venus is STUNNING!! Just gorgeous!!
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The main reason I took two cats in the first place is that they will have each other when Im gone.

But if its more than a day or two - I look for someone too.

I would be happy to Cat-sit anyone who asks me... but I live so far away...
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Nora, I know how you feel. We have a neighbor come over every day to feed and play with Jamie, and to clean his litterbox, when we're away. My mother-in-law also stops by twice a day to give him cuddles. I usually leave a list of instructions, e.g. where his water bowls are, how many treats he can have, etc. and telephone numbers. I also leave a "Lost Cat - Reward" poster with a picture and all the pertinent information, including cell, family and neighbors' telephone numbers, just in case he should get out and become lost, and a note saying what I have the poster filed under on my computer, so that copies can be printed out right away.
Shirley, your cats are gorgeous - I've had a look at your album. It's a shame the woman in the store doesn't like cats - she's missing out on a lot. I don't know why, but there seem to be a lot of people with an absolute aversion to cats. It probably dates back to the Middle Ages when they were considered witches' familiars.
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