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Things your animals do that drive you potty!

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I know we all love our animals loads but lets admit they all do stuff to make us feel a little crazy and annoyed

My 4 and a half year old minature dachund licks me after i shower which grosses me out lol! She also wont leave me alone while im drinking coffee because she is addicted to it ! grr lol! but i love her lol

My 3 rats chewed the back of my mums sofa and i got in trouble for it lol

My puppy Baxter who is almost 9 weeks will hang on to my jeans when i walk and has already chewed through 3 pairs of my socks WHILST on MY feet lol! but again i love him lol

My 4 kittens are such bad scroungers that they will kill to have what ever i am eating , they meow there bad breath in my face and paw at my fork , they sit on my shoulder whilst eating! you would think they are straved they have nice dry food on off ALL the time thats fresh and are fed wet decent food 2wice a day! silly little fuzzbutts

All my animals are lucky i love them so much lol! and we all put up with bad stuff from the ones we love!

What does ur animal(S) do to bug you?
Jess x
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Well my cats pee where they shouldnt, but aside from that.
I keep the doors to the kitchen closed so the critters cant go in there (I dont want cat hair seasoning in all my food) and they claw them open and pee in the bathroom.

My dog has verry clingy days sometimes where I cant turn around without tripping over him.

But for the most part we dont frustrate eachother too much
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I hate hearing unexplainable noises coming from another room
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Sho is too jumpy. I wish I could blame it on him not being used to the new house... but I can't.
If he hears certain noises he will stop eating, if you look at him wrong he will stop eating, if Tomas touches his food he'll stop eating and no amount of putting him back in front of it and telling him "it's ok, that's your food" will make him eat. It's a wonder that he's still a bit overweight.
He'll also run and hide in the bedroom, again this happened at our other house too.

Tomas is hyper vigilant. Strange noises, smells, animals, or people will make him growl and hiss. We have a lot more neighbors now and mail-people (different ones throughout the week) that come all the way up to the box on our front porch. He runs between the windows growling.
He's also mouthy. If you tell him no he won't listen right away, he has to argue with you first - though this is sort of funny.
... He's also a trash digger - the reason why the kitchen sink cabinet is locked.

I have a couple of leopard geckos that really annoy me with some of their behaviors. One gets over stimulated at feeding time. He'll lunge passed the hemostats to latch onto your finger or maybe he's purposely go for fingers - I'm his third owner so I don't know how former owners fed him. The other doesn't know what a food dish is, she's also incredibly picky on how you present the food to her. If it touches her face at all she will not eat anymore for several hours.
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ugh if I leave clothes or anything on the ground one if my cats will pee all over it. The dogs they follow me EVERY WHERE and when I get home they are all up on me. Also I hate it when they have one of those heavy bones and come up to be and drop it on the hard wood floor especially if the baby is sleeping. I hate it when they bark when people knock though I am glad in a way I guess I just with they would only do it when I am not home. I guess I can't have both though. But I love all my dogs and cats they are the best anyway and sometimes I like it when they follow me or great me sometimes it is just annoying when I am in a bad mood.
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Probably the only thing that bugs me, is Namine waking me up at 4 a.m. She started doing it, then we would put her in the second bedroom at night, and then she started behaving again at night. Then, she started doing it again. We have to start putting her in the bedroom again, but I hate doing it, because she loves to sleep on my pillow at night. She's my little protector
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Pearl had been peeing on the floor outside the litterbox. She has since stopped.
I just busted Pepper jumping on my book case nearly knocking over 3 lava lamps. If it is there, she will jump on it. She get excited and pees on my bath mats.
Scooter is whiny and must sleep wherever I want to be, or else on top of me.
Fluffy I just a total brat. She chews open bags of bread, bites 5-6 slices, then uses the rest of the loaf for a pillow. I keep the bread in an upper cabinet, but she still gets it sometimes. She will get right up on the stove and knock the lids off of pots, or knock them on the floor, so if I have anything cooking, I have to stand right there with it the whole time or listen to her howling. I have also had to rescue her from the trash can when she went diving for dried up leftover chicken. (I have a different can now.) DH thinks she can do no wrong, she is his little baby girl.
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The only thing my 3 do that annoys me is an early morning wake up call. I've gotten used to it though. And they've learned that I'll always get up. But the reward I get from them is worth it. Get up 3 hours earlier than I wanted to and I get extra love from them. Besides, I can sleep when I'm dead, right?
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Scratching my furniture!!!!!

Trying to get onto my counters and table when they think i'm not looking

Stealing my ponytail holders or other objects they're not supposed to have (normally they're kept locked away in a drawer, but every once in a while they'll find one!)

Kojak sneezing huge streams of snotty goo all over my house! Ick!


humping one another (they're both neutered, it's just a way they try to exert dominancy, but still unplesant!

scooting their butts across the floor ....always the nice clean carpet

tracking mud all into the house after a good rain
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Alright, here a few things that drive me crazy lol

~herd of cats running under my feet as soon as I get up in the morning (they want food and they want it now!)
~all four kitties doing whatever they can to wake me up
~begging kitties LOL. Baby, my female, will steal food from your plate right in front of you!
~kitties jumping on counters constantly while I'm constantly yelling at them to get down

~spot my english bulldog drools on everything and she loves to rub her face on your leg while she has a nice big droolbomb
~sampson, my pug - dealing with his separation anxiety can strike a nerve. (He has gotten much better though! )

But I love all my babies
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Well we all know cats, and how indecisive they can be...on your lap, off, on the bed, off, staying off of sills, going up there, etc...But them, if they are doing something absolutely 'intolerable' by my standards (such as stealing food, or jumping on the stove) I simply spritz them with water...and I 'shower' them until they decide that getting off or moving away is the best option...I know...I'm mean...They normally get the point after 2 shots, though!

My dogs, however, are not usually allowed to do things that would normally 'annoy' most people; they are taught to stay in their beds to avoid begging at the table, they do not get up on any peice of furniture unless invited and never when we are not in a room with them, they are not allowed to run up to the door in order to greet geusts (that's my job, not theirs, they'll get their chance!), they are taught that they need to stay out of my way or they will get 'bumped' out of the way...I simply shuffle my feet so as not to step on them, but to nudge them as I walk, so they get the idea that I'm not stopping for them, nor am I moving away from them.

Of course, there are the things that still drive me a bit goofy; I 'love' how our terrier will go out and roll in the most unpleasant things right after a bath, of course! She also picks fights with other dogs...usually twice (or more) her size...fortunately we have always been able to see it coming, so no one has gotten hurt. She also chases the cats from time to time, although she gets a good 'talkin to' about being nice to her other siblings...or else (haha).

My poodle pup...well, he's not really been with us 'too long' to start building up his repriotoire, but he'll get there...He is one dirty little boy though; definitely nothing 'prissy' about my poodle,..he gets muddier than some of the big dogs in daycare on any given day...
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Yes, it is the WAKING thing. Usually we only have one bad boy. He will come exactly one hour before the alarm goes off. (I don't know what he does just prior to that because he sleeps on the bed, then he leaves - maybe to check cup and pee - and comes back with vengeance). He knows he is not allowed to pillow-cruise but he will start his show by cruising the bed and talking loudly how much he WUVS us and how it would be good for everybody to get up. If we tell him to shut-it, he will purr ever louder and flop around for belly-rubs!!! GRRR.

And now it got worse this fall. Our sweetest little nice kitty went with this behaviour too. We bought a wood-burning stove, and the nights that we heat it up boys will sleep in family room. (Welcome break to our twisted backs in the shared bed!)

However, our little snugglebunny will come back in the middle of the night and start ever worse opera than his brother. It's like he all of a sudden misses us and he'll serenade all the way from the landing to the bedroom all confused that it's still night. He'll jump to bed and back off wanting his breakfast. I am about ready to wring his neck at 3 am!! And just that he settles, his brother will turn up for his show!!!
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Generally they behave themselves, generally! Except one thing: everytime when I curl up with a fuzzy blanket to read or catch a couple zzzz at least two of them appear and begin to take over the blanket, chair, pillow-- you name it! Then they settle themselves down and look so comfortable I just can't bring myself to move them, which means I'm usually stuck in an uncomfortable position for a while. Besides that, theres the usual loud crashes in the middle of the night where you race over to see what happend and what you see is one of them looking at you like, who, me?

Ah yes, cats!
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