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Daily Thread for Oct 23

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Morning All!!!!

Cloudy and looks like rain here today. They had said snow but it's a bit to warm for that.

Nothing to exciting planned for today. Have several things to get done around the house, dusting, vacuuming and such. Guess I will get those finished up this morning and then go visit my aunt this afternoon..

She has some lawn furniture and things she needs help putting away so I guess I will volunteer...No doubt she'll feed me dinner as a reward so that's pretty cool.

The kitties are good this morning. They were helping me put laundry away a little while ago which was quite interesting. Linus likes to hide in the dryer, and Pixie rushes into the closet everytime I open the door..Silly kitties.

Everyone have a great day.
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Nothing special for today, just the same routine...

:you too my friend! have a nice day!
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Nothing special for me either. Just woke up took care of the baby cleaned played on the internet and made dinner. I'm currently making hot wing french fries and I should make a vegetable but I don't know what.
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Well, I was planning to go to an exercise class and to go buy sheets - not interesting but very important when night time comes. Then I got a call from Ben's school again saying that he was acting up but they wanted to keep him in school anyway. I spent three hours waiting and dreading for the phone to ring but he made it through school. Let's just pray that tomorrow is better.
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