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Picking a cat...which girl?

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I am not sure where to post this. Are you allowed to post pics in other forums?


My boyfriend has finally decided that we should seriously discuss getting one last cat… the female I have always wanted… to many boys in my house! (One last cat until we get a bigger house in a few years…haven’t really told him that yet though LOL)

Here is my dilemma… There is a beautiful cat named I.B, gorgeous! Type of cat you just fall in love with immediately. Problem is, she is in foster care, so she has a home. The foster lady said she is not happy in her home, one cat always picks on her. Also, due to the fact that this lady has 14 cats she sometimes has to be outside when she only wants to be an indoor cat. The foster lady said she has had I.B for so long that she just thought she would keep her, until I called… That’s why she has a home.

Second cat I am looking at is Mama. Cutest little thing. She looks like Bruno! That’s why I fell in love with her. I have already met her and she is a little charmer… She is an SPCA cat.

I wanted to save a cat… I.B is beautiful…but she has a home, even though she is not 100% happy, she lives with a really nice lady. Mama, is an SPCA cat… she lives in a cage, with no one to love her.

So, what do I do? I wanted to help a cat but… If Mama gets adopted, then I.B will be semi unhappy all her life (the lady said she will not look for another home if I don’t want her). BUT if I chose I.B and Mama doesn’t get adopted, maybe gets sick, put down, stuck in the SPCA for 3 years like this other cat named Smiley… Statistically in NB Torties are harder to adopt out then black adult’s cats…

Don’t know what to do. I wish I could take both! Lol. I know you guys are going to say pick which one you click with… I click with both! Right now, I just want to take the one that would be better off with me in the long run.



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oh man....that is a hard decision!! they are both beautiful cats! if the one cat alreadfy has a home though and you said where you live torties ( which I personally think are beautiful) are harder to get adopted, and the fact she lives in a cage! I would say go with Mama.....Good luck on whichever one you choose!
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i think i would go for mama as she is in a cage and also the point that she is getting overlooked.

also IB, as gorgeous as she is, has got a home. my tabitha gets very annoyed with the boys when they want to play with her, she is not a playful cat, and will hiss and growl at them. but, most of the time, life is pretty calm for her.

so i reckon mama is the most needy.

horrible to have to make a choice though.
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gosh thats a tough one. Have you thought about which one will click better with the boys? Especially a dog? If you are sure I.B. is alright where she is I would definately go with Mama. She is downright gorgeous (and I am not one for Torties) and needs a home.

You can always go back for I.B. once you get the bigger space
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get them both!
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Oooooh! I'd want the white baby, too.

Maybe you can hit your BF with the bigger house idea now, instead of in a few years.

Do you think the other lady would agree to foster Mama if you take I.B.?
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Which one is more likely to get along with your boys?

If IB is being picked on by one cat - means she might be timid/submissive. Will that work in your home? How is she with dogs?

Mama - do you know anything about her purr-sonality? How is she with dogs? Other cats?
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LOL I already asked my boyfriend if we could keep both girls… he didn’t even say anything… he just gave me the “sleep with one eye open†look LOL.

I am going to pick Mama. You are all right. I.B has a home already. In fact, after I write this message I am going to call the foster lady and let her know we will not be taking her.

As for cats getting along with my boys, both seem to be fine. The lady has 14cats, she gets along with all and has very close relationships with about 5 she said (not including the mean one that harasses her). She also gets along with the dog they own. Mama also gets along with other cats and dogs. In fact, her sheet says she loves other cats and dogs.

So overall both cats are perfect (other then they have claws, we got our other cats already declawed, softpaws for the win I guess lol). I will go with Mama though, she reminds me so much of Bruno with the brown face outlined in black. I already have some names picked out for her Lol. I don’t like Mama… she’s only had the name for 6month out of her aprox 3 years of age so that shouldn’t be a problem.

My boyfriend and I are going to visit her either tonight or on the weekend… I will keep you guys updated.

Again, thanks for all of your thoughts and advice, I appreciate it. As my boyfriend said today at lunch while we were discussing this… “let me guess, you have to ask your cat site what they think†LOL.
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I know you picked the calico, but that dilute tortie is just stunning. Glad you made a decision, giving another cat a home and a happy life.
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post

You can always go back for I.B. once you get the bigger space
if you can't get them both, get Mama for now, but keep the number of I.B.'s foster mom to get her later.
both of those tortie girls are beautiful!
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Since IB doesn't seem to be a social cat, you might be better off adopting Mama (I can't believe a tortie/white would have a tough time finding a home - she's GORGEOUS)

I'd go with Mama.
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My Lilly took a look at Moma's pic and said that she is just gorgeous. I would have to agree. If she has the personality of my Lilly she will be a perfect fur baby to add to your family.
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How horrible. My boyfriend and I went to go see Mama last night and the experience was not good at all. Let me start by saying when I first saw Mama she was loving, affectionate, she rubbed all over me, sat on my lap, she was such a sweetie.

Last night we go there and take her to the cat play room and she spent the entire time hiding. She wasn’t even scared, she just didn’t want anything to do with us. To my boyfriend’s credit, he tried. She was hiding in one of those small circular cat trees with the hole so they can go inside. He sat on the floor, placed his hand resting on the entrance area and just sat there. She didn’t shy away, or run away, she just sat there looking all irritated at him.

I started rolling the ball around and she got out of the tree and started playing. My boyfriend patted her on the head and then placed his hand on the floor near her with a treat, maybe like 4 inches away from her and she walked up to him and bit him 4 times, turned around and walked away with her tail straight up LOL total attitude.

We were there for an hour, and nothing… she hated us… my boyfriend told me we can try again since he knows I really wanted her. I don’t want to get an antisocial cat though. This cat needs to be both my boyfriend and mine. My boyfriend loves to cuddle our cats, I don’t think he would be happy with a non cuddly cat.
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she is a tortie and they are renowned for being fickle. i have 9 years experience with my tabitha who can be miss sweetness one minute and miss sourpuss the next.

please don't dismiss mama because of this experience. you mean nothing to her at the moment and she needs to actually be living with you before you'll see her true personality.

the fact she was friendly the first time would suggest strongly that she will be that way again and not completely antisocial.

she is female, tortie and feline, a killer combination but one that produces the most wonderful, interesting, diverse type of cat.

i think every cat we get is a total mystery and to get one hoping that she or he will be the cat of our dreams is slightly naive.

i have had 2 cats who were cuddle bugs 24/7 and i now have 3 who aren't anywhere near as cuddly, but i love them all and make the most of those precious moments they do give me.

good luck whatever you decide.
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She will come around. If she really hated you, she would have hated you the first time. Anything could have happened that day. Another cat could have been giving her a hard time. People coming through could have been rude to her in some way. We never know what they are experiencing when we're not there.

Cats behave differently when they are in a loving home than they do at a shelter. It is such a stressful place.

My Daphne would appear to be an awful cat in that situation. She is shy and a bit of a scaredy cat. At home, with me, she is all loves and play.

Let us know what you decide She is just gorgeous
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