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My Hand is Black and Blue

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Yesterday morning the driver of the car that picked me up accidentally slammed the car door on my hand!

There was a console in between the front seats and when I got into the front passenger seat my coat was tangled underneath me. Most of the cars have a handle attached to the inside of the car roof, but this one didn't. So I reached up and held onto the roof of the car to help me get some leverage to reposition myself. The driver, who is supposed to make sure that you are settled into the seat and all body parts are in the car, and that you have your seat belt on properly before closing the door, didn't bother to do his job and as soon as he saw me inside, slammed the door closed.

It got me partly on the hand and on the middle knuckle. I got to work and applied ice. I had an orientation day yesterday so I kept ice on it for most of the morning. It's bruised, and my middle finger is sore, but at least it's not broken.
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Ouch, I have slamed my car in a door before and I know it hurts like heck. I hope you didn't break anything. I can imagine how much it hurt, it's one thing to slam your own hand in a door but another when somone else slams it for you.
I hope the black and blueness goes away quickly.
I recently droped one of those old fashoned steelgarden table tops on my foot, it's been 3 weeks and I can still see the bruise.
Try to excercise your hand as much as possible so it dosn't get cramped up. I hope the driver has learned to be a bit more observant when closeing doors from now on.
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ouch!......I´m really so sorry!....
for you my friend!...
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OUCH that hurts. quick healing vibes
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Ouch that would certainly hurt. Lots of quick healing vibes coming your way.
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I hope you fee better.
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Ouch! My mum dislocated my finger in the car door once , she was in her front seat i went to go the back seat and i tripped used her door frame to steady myself she didnt realize shut the door so hard it clicked shut i pulled my finger and boom dislocated it!

Long 4 hours in A and E they couldnt do no more for it (i relocated it myself) but because it was sooo swollen they couldnt even bandage it to secure it further.
Jess x
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I hope you reported it to the transport service. Everyone makes mistakes, but you were hurt from this one.

You won't know until the swelling goes down, but you may have some nerve damage. It wouldn't hurt to have it checked out if you haven't, yet.
I completely shut a car down on my left pointer finger knuckle (top one) a few years ago. I didn't have insurance at the time so I didn't have it checked out - luckily it wasn't broken though there could have been a fracture. It caused nerve damage. Half the finger was numb for a few months as it healed, I still have a spot on it that is numb.
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you're right at least its not broken..but I would complain!
and while your at work..get it checked out...
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Ouch! I hope the pain goes away quickly.
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Sending you healing vibes your way!
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ouch ouch ouch I bet that hurt. Im sure the driver felt very bad.
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The driver did feel really bad. He kept apologizing. It was an accident so I'm not going to report him. Other than being quite black and blue right now, and some discomfort when I bend my middle finger too far, it doesn't hurt. It isn't affecting my work. I was still able to function fine at both jobs today and even managed to start an IV.

However, if it had been broken, I definitely would have said something to the company. The fact that it's not as sore and swollen as it could be is largely because I put ice on it within 10 minutes of it happening and kept it on intermittently for 4 plus hours.

Ironically today the driver that took me from one hospital to the other at noon today, managed to get his hand slammed in the door of his car. He was helping a passenger out of the front seat and the fellows wife got out of the back seat and slammed the door...hard. Caught the driver's 2 fingers. I looked at them and told him that he's likely to lose the fingernail on his middle finger because it was already showing up discoloured. I told him to go and get a cup of ice right after he dropped me off and to keep applying ice to his fingers to reduce the swelling. I also gave him a couple of Ibuprofen that I carry with me.
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