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Utah Devon Rex update

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We I though you might want to know how I like my Rex (twister).

I had alway wanted a rex just for there looks but I didn't know they had such a personality to go with it.

I came home late (normal time 4:30) this time 11:00 you would have thought I was a teen comming home late from a date.

Twister cussed me up one side and down the other then gave in and gave me lovens, he is such a love, I'd have a dozen of them except he was bold enough to box my dogs nose when she was just laying there trying to let him know she wouldn't hurt him. So I think he knows he's the boss that's his home and no one is going to share it.

My dog is in door out door and she was more that happy to spend the rest of the night out side.
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Hi Kim

Hugs and kisses for Twister.

i once took a match test, as to which breeds i should go for, and one breed that popped out was Devon Rex.

Did you say you left Twister outside? Would you consider microchipping her? Also would you consider letting her wear a tag with your name and contact no. on it? i guess you never know?

Take care and congrats on having a wonderful kitty!

Smiles and cheers!
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Kim, I'm so glad Twister and you are getting along. Of course he is a cat and you're only human, so what did you expect? LOL! You had better straighten up your act and come home on time! It is so nice of you to get back to us.

I think you meant the dog was an inside/outside, but microchipping is always a good idea!

Now you need to post some pictures in the Cat Lounge and introduce yourself in New Cats on the Block. We want all the news!
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Yes your correct Twister is NOT an out door cat, no way no how, but my dog is, Shawna (the dog) sleeps out during the summer, in during the winter but out during the winter days.

And again your correct I should straighten up my act, no excuse for comming home late, I'll try not to mess up again, I'd hate for Twister to have to have that descussion again with me.

For Pic I have some on my work e-mail but have no idea how to send them to this site, if you would like to see him and leave me individule e-mails I would be happy to e-mail them out.

And a big thanks I had not even though of chipping which would be an excellent idea.
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Kim, Here are the instructions for posting pictures! I hope to see your post in that forum soon. It is especially for new people to introduce themselves!
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Sometimes, i think it would be wonderful if all cat owners would microchip their kitties. You never know...

Here is the no. for microchipping inquiries:


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