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Why meowing at night?

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I have a 15 yr old that had to stay at the hospital for 2 nights. He is is on prednisone and flagyl - they are determining the sudden cause of diarrhea and vomiting.
Ever since he has gotten home he starts meowing in the night. When I go to him, he brings me to his food bowl.
He eats a little then gets back in his basket, when I think that he is ok, he starts all over again.
In the daytime he is quiet and moves about, eats, drinks, goes to the litter, etc.
He was at the vet today and his physical went well.
He is also sniffing around the house, could he be confused or scared?
Thank you.
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At 15 yrs old, he could be having trouble seeing, or could be confused. Try leaving a night light on for him. Can you move his basket and litter in with you??
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well, i was sleeping in the living room with him and did have a small light on.
last night i got him to stay in my bed for most of the night and sure enough 430am he started again, it goes on for 2 - 3 hours. when he was younger, he used to do it to get me to play with him -
he also meows whenever i come back from being out - even if it's a half hour.
i have been working from home for the past 3 months, so maybe he's saying he's glad i am back??
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Could it be separation anxiety due to his recent hospital experience? My boy is only 5, but I adopted him just 4 months ago. Since I'm retired, I'm home with him most of the time, but he gets upset when I go out, and always meows like crazy when I get home. He also wakes me up at night, and he just seems to want to be reassured that I'm "there." I'm going on vacation for a week next month, and I've got Feliway diffusers to run to try to reduce his stress while I'm gone. Perhaps your cat could benefit from some Feliway if he's anxious?
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I was thinking it could be that. i ent from working 6 days a week to being home almost all the time. and the hospital trip did freak him out.
I've never heard of Feliway, interesting. I live on a busy avenue in Brooklyn and the street can be noisy. Thanks!
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I have the same problem with my male cat meowing at my bedroom door at night any help would be appreciated.
We have two other female cats all three are fixed and declawed on the front so they are strictly indoor cats.
Health is ok
Right now its the middle of the day and the meower is asleep should I wake him?
We can't let him in the room becasue of allergies
My fiance and I work me away from the house my fiance is back and forth during the day

Any help would be appreciated
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AT that age, I woudl be considering hyperthyroidism, which can also cause diarrhea. Has the vet done any bloods? Sometimes thyroid isn't covered in the normal bloods, although the liver results can indicate if there is a problem
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Yeah waiting for PTH/calcium test and he is going back tomorrow to retest cbc etc.
it was a sudden onset of diarrhea, I have been trying out different foods maybe the change bothered him?
1 1/2 mos ago his bloodwork was all perfect...we'll see
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