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Should I take in another cat??

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Omg this cant be happening AGAIN. Ok a little background info, I love animals. Im a sucker for an animal in need. My mom always tells me that I cant save them all. I have 3 cats right now, I got Foxxy when my Tigger died in '05, Mickey when we found him out in the middle of nowhere on Halloween of '06, and Salem when he was born from a cat I was sitting for a friend, and nobody wanted him. I swore that was it, I have a dog and 3 cats.
I movied in with my sister and a friend of ours in April. Foxxy and Mickey were fixed, but Salem was not and Amy, our roomate/friend has Salem's sister Catastrophe. Catastrophe was not fixed. By this time, Salem and Catastrophe were 8 months old when we moved in together. I should have had him fixed. I did get him neutered in June I believe it was, but he had gotten her pregnant about 2 weeks earlier. They had 4 kittens, but one was still born. When they were 2 months old, one of my best friends and her coworker took two of them, one of the black ones, and the grey one who was named Corona. Almost a month later, Sam returned Corona thinking there was something wrong with him cuz he was always shaking and we thought he had anemia from fleas, which was odd cuz none of my cats showed any signs of having fleas, and we had 8 cats at the time, (my 3, the 3 kittens, my sisters cat Peaches, and my roommates cat)
When she brought him back, he was fine, and realized that her two year old had him so terrified, he was always shaking.
So then my other best friend who lives two hours away from me and had never had a pet before but wanted one, took the two remaining kittens. I knew she would take proper care of them, she loves animals. I dont trust just anyone with my animals. But she just told me that her landlord came in and said she only agreed to let her have one cat, and she needs to get rid of one.
I dont know anyone else who would take a kitten, and Im not advertising online to someone I dont know, and I absolutely REFUSE to give him to the SPCA. I am tempted to keep him but am afraid of people telling me im crazy for keeping another cat, but then I get the thought of, who cares what the eff people think? The only thing im worried about is the cost of care if one of them gets sick. Ive been through it with Mickey and it is sooo not fun.
I almost see it as a sign that I should keep Corona, seeing as how this w ill be the second time he is returned to me. I feel so bad for him. And he looks exactly like his father Salem, and I want him so much.
Please someone tell me im not crazy for wanting to keep him.
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Of course you are not crazy for wanting to keep Corona. He has come back twice, so he must be your cat.
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I don't think you're crazy for wanting to take in another cat - especially one that's come back to you twice!

I'm in somewhat of a similar situation; I had a stray hanging around on my porch two weeks ago. I've always been an animal person; I can't count the amount of critters of all sorts that I've had in the house, both tame and wild. Of course, I felt sorry for this cat. I started feeding him, and petting him when he'd sit next to me on the porch. But I didn't let him in because I didn't know how he'd react to my son. I instead tried desperately to find his owner; I had ads in the paper, on craigslist, anywhere I could think of. I got a lot of phone calls, but they were all looking for a completely different orange cat! All the local cat rescues were full and couldn't take him in. I didn't even think of calling the SPCA, because I knew they'd just euthanize him because he was a stray. I started to feel really bad the morning he showed up limping. Four days after that, I let him in the house because the weather was starting to get quite cold.

So now, I have Snickers running around my house. I'm trying to wade through all the cat organizations to find a low-cost neuter for him. Two haven't bothered to call me back and I'm working on the third.

Good luck with all your kitties!
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Well I found out that she is not gonna bring Corona back, shes gonna bring Max back instead, which is the kitten she had originally wanted. She said Corona is a lot more hyper and plays a lot, and Max just eats and sleeps and doesnt wanna do anything. And I decided this morning I won't keep him permanently. I will keep him until I find a new home, no matter how long it takes, but I just cannot afford to properly care for another cat. Just the thought that something could happen to one of my pets and It will cost a lot of money, and adding another cat is just irresponsible of me.
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Originally Posted by Melmo View Post
I almost see it as a sign that I should keep Corona, seeing as how this w ill be the second time he is returned to me.

I say, trust your gut feeling.

Otherwise, my advice would be to talk to the landlord / owner of the flat. Friendly chat, if possible!!!

Tell him cats do often like to have a pal.
Tell him (and your friend), having two cats is usually almost easier then having one, especially if they are good friends. Siblings usually are.
And if it is easier for the cat owner and the cat, therefore with lesser risk of problems, so it is probably also best and easier for the landlord: happy, well kept cats are usually less risk for problems also for the landlord.... The only noticeable problem for the landlord is there will be more of used cat-litter...

ps: Yes, I saw your latest letter....
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