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small bump on side of cat

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ive noticed a small bump on the side of my cat. its not noticable to see, but you can feel it a little when you pet him. it feels small, but you can feel something different than i have before. i dont remember feeling it before, but it may have been there and i just havnt noticed it. it is the skin and not a bone, because when you move the skin you can feel it in whatever area you move the skin too. it is on his left side around where his shoulder blade would be. his hair is black and deep his skin looks white. looking around the area where the bump is on his skin you can see no difference in colour or really anything to suggest theres anything there. it doesnt appear to bother him. he doesnt try to lick there anymore than anywhere else. he does lick himself in areas but more so for cleaning. sometimes when he licks himself in different areas it looks like he is biting? and he does sometimes scratch, but that is from fleas? we have recently bought him a new white flea colar. even while i felt around looking at the area it didnt seem to bother him. he walks/runs around the house like normal and nothing else about him seems unusual except that i can feel a small bump when i pet him.
any idea if this is something i should have looked at? or is this normal?
i know my dog has had a small bump since when got him that the vet has seen and said is nothing to worry about.
i thought i would post and get some thoughts. i get a little paranoid sometimes.
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Has he had a vaccine in the area recently? Sometimes those can cause a reaction. Does it feel like it's liquid filled? Could he have been bitten by another cat or your dog? Sometimes bites can get infected and an absess can result.

One of our cats has a fluid filled bump at the base of her tail on her back and we had it checked out recently just to be safe. The vet aspirated it and it turned out to just be fat, which is more common in dogs than cats, but nothing really to be too concerned with. He told us to watch it and if it changes bring her back.

I would keep on eye on your kitty's bump and then maybe take him in if it's still there or changes size or shape.
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he had a cut on his leg about 2 weeks ago now. he went to the vet then and got antibiotic needle that was good for 2 weeks, plus 3 syringes for pain medication(for 3 separate days). my dad took him to the vet then and i dont think he had any vaccines.
he hasnt been outside for a few weeks so he hasnt been fighting with anyone.
it doesnt seem to be liquid filled, but its hard to tell.
i think i describe it more as a lump than a bump.
he hasnt made any noises during the night monday and tuesday that i noticed, but last night i noticed him moaning a little bit. no idea if it had something to do with this or not.
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Lump or bump, since it could be anything and there is no way to tell whether it requires treatment or not, the safest thing would be to have your vet look at it as soon as possible.

Here is some info on lumps and bumps:
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the cat did have his vaccines when he was in 2 weeks ago. according to the paperwork he had- FVRCP/LEUK/RABIES vaccination.
we had the cat into the vet tonight. it was a different vet working there that we saw this time from last time. he said it could be from a couple different things.
it could be from a bite that has healed over. i didnt think the cat has been outside for weeks, but apparently on sunday afternoon my parents said he got outside for about 2 hours. i guess he could have gotten bitten then.
it could be from the injections he had the last time he was in to the vets 2 weeks ago. this doctor wasnt the one who did the injections, so hes not sure where exactly they would have put them in.
he said that it should go away on its own, but if it doesnt we can bring him back.
they also took his temperature and said everything is ok.
im going to try and not worry about it now.
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