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Poor Baby.....

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I wish my cat would wear one of these all the time.

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HOW did you EVER get that cat to sit still, for those pictures? Mine would be highly insulted, if I tried that.
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lol very cute, I like the frog one.
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Oh boy, she's so cute!!! I just love these pictures!! Mine wouldn't even let me think of putting those on them.
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Ohh my gosh, how adorable!!
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Oh my goodness. That so would not work with my cats! But great pics
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Can you email or PM me with details on those items and where you got them? We are always interested in interesting stuff for our website.

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Your baby and my Daisy look abit alike.

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Could you kindly tell me where i could buy the cuties hats?

Also, can someone tell me how i could put three pix in one posting? Till now, i have yet to figure it out?

Again, cute pix..i love them!! :lovegrin3:

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I guess I should have clarified, this is not my cat... although I wouldn't mind because she is so cute. The pictures are from a Japanese site. I would love it if one of my three would wear one of these. I bought them a little pumpkin hat from Target once, they got it off in about .0000005 seconds.

Here is the link...
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i learned Hirigana characters before, but am not very well-versed at it.. too bad they are sold in Japan. i want some ...
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How cute! Fred had a little straw hat that he would let me put on him occasionally, but he got hold of it unsupervised and chewed it up.
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OMG!!! Those pictures are just ADORABLE!!!! Thank you for giving me a smile today!!!
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I like the little pink bunny one the best!
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Aww, I like the duckie one! Thanks for posting those... they are sooooo cute!
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OMG! Those are so unbelievably cute! I got such a kick outta them...I made the whole family look at them! The all laughed their butts off!
Thanks for the chuckle tonight!
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Thanks for the giggle. I love the goat hat, although if I tried to put that on Ivo, I'd probably end up with a very traumatized cat...
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That is one very patient and relaxed kitty! So cute! And if I tried that with Spike, I think I would be traumatized, nevermind him.
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Those are so cute!!!

I would be a shredded mommy if I tried that with Ophelia.
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That must be one docile cat! It does look adorable, though.
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