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Travel Pictures from Israel

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I try not to post about my blog or other sites too often, but thought some of you might enjoy the last two posts on my blog which have tons of pictures in them -

Do please comment, if you feel like it - like all bloggers, I love comments!
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Great pictures/blog Anne! Thanks for sharing with us!
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I loved the whole thing - text and pictures. I'd love to visit.
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It looks wonderful
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Love the pictures!. I'd really love a trip to Israel as well to see it's history
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You should visit, Susan! You'll have a great time here, and you have a place to stay at too!
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OMG!...just recent I see this post!... very great my friend!...
the streets with stones looks very fancy! those classical streets, some of the citys of Mexico has those kind of ornaments!
the whole tour was fantastic! really Fantastic!
thank you so much for share, I appreciate so much this tour because MAYBE just win the lotto I could to ride for there lovely places,......
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I finally had time to read your recent blog about your family's visit to Acre.
First I have to say that the pomegranate juice must have looked like liquid rubies.
We would never have enough pomegranates here to make fresh juice. I want some.

It was fascinating to see things in your photos, that a tourist brochure would never show.
The Crusaders latrines are such a common bond.
Then, now and in the future...
Israeli, Palestinian or Crusader, we are not that much different, we all have to "go."

You have a beautiful family Anne. Your boys might not realize it yet, but with your help, they will create a new future for your area, one where there is room for all but the most extreme.

Thanks for sharing this with us Anne.
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I just saw the reply - thank you for your kind words, Lei
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Those are wonderful photos I can't believe the mountain of sweets on your neighbors table! Wasn't it difficult keeping your boys away from all that candy? The architecture is so incredible to look at . I love the tunnels.

You have such a handsome family.
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Thank you! They're not our neighbors (and may I say thankfully - while I like those people, I'm not sure I'd like to have those Hare Krishna chanting under my window every weekend ), but the hill they made was indeed impressive. It's meant to represent a real hill somewhere in India, supposedly erected by Krishna when he was 8 years old.
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