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Wellness Core or Innova Evo

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I have noticed that the Wellness is alot more expensive then the Evo and they seem to be about the same ingredients wise. What is your opinion on these 2 food, which one do you think is better?
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I think they are both good foods. I've tried both with my cat and he prefers EVO. A good thing about EVO is that the dog and cat formula of the WET food is exactly the same. It is much cheeper to buy the dog food. a 5.5 can of EVO wet cat food is 1.29, a 13.5 can of EVO wet dog food is 1.59. I give my cat the dog food I checked the ingredients and even sent Innova an email and they confirmed that they are the same food.
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I've fed EVO dry (and canned) and bought a small bag of CORE to supplement one of my cats dry food. To me, EVO was fine, and if you order a large bag, the price isn't as bad...it also goes a LONG way...you don't feed nearly as much as a with-grain dry food. CORE and wellness in general, IMO are overpriced.

Another option is Taste of the Wild. I have tried it with my cats and the LOVED it. It is far cheaper than even the regular wellness and evo (I think $29 for a 16lb bag on petfooddirect) and has similar ingredients. I would be feeding it now except for my UTI cat and the UTI-unfriendliness of grain-free foods.

I'd go for the EVO as more cost effective, but if you can get the TotW and your cats would eat it, it'll save you some serious money.

For wet, I haven't tried the core wet...I've tried EVO 95% cans and the original EVO can..cats wouldn't eat the original evo can...but, really like most of the EVO 95% cans.

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My boy had issues on EVO after a while - diarrhea, flatulence, etc. He now eats CORE and all the problems disappeared, plus he loves the CORE.
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Anyone know the difference between Wellness core and regular Wellness and the regular Innova and Evo? I switch between Wellness and Innova canned and Wellness, Innova and Chicken Soup hard. Is Evo and Core that much better than the regular Wellness and Innova?
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Wellness and Innova both have MULTIPLE grains ...

Evo and Core are grain FREE

IMHO I would use grain free if available and kitties willing to eat ... the canned with grain IMHO is okay since most are lower carb than the low carb drys ...
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