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Our Cats LOVE This Food!

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I picked up a trial bag for $2.49 at Bosley's, and they had a special "buy one get one free" and I can't believe how our kitties love this stuff! They like variety, so before I introduced this food they were eating Nutro Max, Go, and Chicken Soup (plus a variety of cans and pouches).

Now they ignore them all and go for this one, it is called Orijen.

I'd never heard of it... It's made in Canada but is exported extensively, judging from the languages printed on the back. (I'm not affiliated with the company, just a happy customer.)
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Orijen is a pretty good food, IMO. I'd LOVE to try it, but finding it is a nightmare. With my numbers, I can't afford to have it shipped to me, either.
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Orijen has often been discussed in the H&N threads. I've been feeding it for well over a year now. It's made in Manitoba I believe and is even available in Europe.
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Riley and Xander currently eat a mix of 3 dry foods, Orijen is one of them
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Yep, Orijen is our dry, too. They took to it like a duck to water, and still love it -- which suits me right down to the ground, since I can't get them to give the time of day to any decent quality wet.
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Can't find it locally and don't want to pay the steep price to have it shipped... My cats LOVED Taste of the Wild It's another grain free and is cheaper than all the others, plus, it has great ingredients! The only reason I'm not feeding it now is that I've got a UTI cat and he can't have it... I'd definately suggest it. I've also fed EVO, cats were a little gassy from it, but it was a good food other than that...but a LOT more expensive (not as bad as core or orijen though).

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Orijen is in my cat's dry food rotation and it's a pretty good food. It's great that your kitties love it.
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