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Need advice on three cats who used to be friends.

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Ok just a quick background on my babies.

Our oldest cat Lokk was here first and is a neutered male. We got Aura when she was an 8 week old kitten and the two of them got along just fine even though Aura is a bit of a bully. Aura is also spayed. When it was just the two of them Aura would always get a bit jealous when Lokk would get attention from us. She would play attack him and get him to chase and play with her instead. She also hated it when he was on the bed with us and would routinely chase him off the bed. But overall the two were always friends.

Fast forward a year and a half and we buy a new house, move into it, and at the same time adopt this lovey little 9 week old male kitten we named Scratchez. The first week was a bit iffy but very soon all three are getting along and while Aura isn't Scratchez best friend the two are playing and chasing each other around and the hissing and growling had stopped.

Now to the issue at hand. Something happened. I don't know what because I was at the store, but my fiance calls me in a panic that Lokk had attacked Aura and not just like the small tiffs they had. Lokk had Aura pinned against the cupboards and was biting her, fur was flying, and cats were screaming. Fiance pulled Lokk off of her and he immediately flew back at her in attack mode. Lokk is a big cat and it took all of my fiance's strength to get him in the bedroom. Scratchez this whole time was hiding under the chair scared to death. Things calmed down, Lokk came back out and acted as if nothing happened and Aura wasn't hurt but was really shook up about the incident. That's when things changed.

Aura used to be our alpha cat, but since this episode Scratchez has seemed to have taken over this role. Scratchez and Lokk have become the best of friends, sleeping together, playing, cuddling. He has also taken to doing what Aura used to do to Lokk, not letting her get pet by us or not letting her on the bed. She seems visibly depressed about this and it's really making us worry about her. She tends to wander around meowing like she is lost and almost seems afraid to approach us especially if Scratchez is around.

Is there anything I can do to make my girl happier. I feel utterly horrible that the two boys seem to making her the "odd man out". I know that there really isn't anything I can do about the hierarchy of their little group, but it really does seem that the two boys are just pushing her out and she just seems so sad all the time.

Sorry for such a long post, but I figured the background would help.
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Is Scratchez neutered yet?
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He is due to be neutered at the beginning of December since our Vet won't do the surgery until he is 5 1/2 months old.
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Then the situation may right itself when Scratchez looses his hormones.
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I certainly hope so. Yesterday I was giving her a well deserved tummy rub when Scratchez wandered by and pounced on her scaring her away He wasn't playing, he just didn't want us petting her.

Don't get me wrong, he is a real love bug and such a sweet and fun kitten. It just seems as if he has taken to not liking her getting attention from us. When we are not paying attention to her at all, the two of them will chase each other around and play.

He does not do this with Lokk at all. We can pet and love on him till the cows come home and Scratchez doesn't care one bit.
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