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Can't believe she said that

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My dad and his family live in North Carolina. My little sister Katie turned eight on Wednesday, so I called to wish her a happy birthday. When I saw her last, she was trying to convince my step-mom to get her a kitten, so I asked her if she was getting one. "No" she said "mom says they're too expensive". So I asked her if they went to the shelter "Oh, yeah, we went there" she told me "but they're used." USED, like a book or a piece of furniture!!! She's only eight, so I know where she got this idea, and it makes me mad (I said the book thing). Not only that, but they went to a pet store, not a responsible breeder. She's so young, I didn't say anything to her, but I want to talk to my step mother about how most pet stores are just breeding factories, and don't treat the animals well. The thing is, my parents don't feel the same way I do about animals (you know...It's just an animal attitude). I don't know if she'll even listen to what I have to say. It's probably better they didn't get one with that attitude. Anyways, I was just frustrated and had to vent!
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as she is only 8 she must be getting her attiude from someone else.
I don't think you can change their mind but maybe you can change her's?
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Just tell her that kittens at shelters aren't used, but do offer the most love!
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Thank you for trying! I'm sure that as she gets older she will learn the difference between living, breathing creatures and things. I would look at a book store and see if there are any books about an older pet that wants a family. I'm sure there are age appropriate books at a Barnes & Nobels,
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Thank you for listening and for the suggestions. I think I'll take your advice and just talk to Katie about it at an appropriate time. I guess I'll just let it go with my parents. My dad raised me to hate cats, and used to tell me the only thing they were good for was to be shot. Good thing I didn't listen. I guess I just thought better of my step-mom.
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that's sad. Maybe they were looking for a way to discourage your little sister from wanting a cat?

It probably wouldn't be good to have a cat in a house where the father has a "the only thing they were good for was to be shot" attitude.

It's probably for the best. Just try to get your little sister to understand that she doesn't have to think that way about cats.
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That is so very sad that she feels that way!!! I hope your step- mom is not instilling this belief in her...used??? Is a cat ever used????
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That is really sad she could say that word "used" a cat/kitten is never used and the reason that it's probably in there is b'coz someone has never loved it , Tell her that all animals need love and just b'coz its a cat not a kitten does not mean its an animal
Love Sam
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Oh and by the way....your dad's attitude infuriates me. But he is your dad, so I will respect that....(that he is your father, not his attitude) I am so glad you didn't listen to him....I have a guy at work who hates cats and won't let his little daughter own one even though she wants one so badly...he tells her they are vermin and should be shot....I have a hard time not shooting him.
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Have you seen that guy ( he's always on TV that has a car that says , a good cats a flat cat , I was disgusted ,

I think that's horrible that people could say .." I could shoot that cat ,".. and they really mean it!!

Just a few of my thoughts
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Okay, lets try and think positive here...

With your folks - Im guessing its a bit too late to change their views, altough under certain sircumstances I have seen older people that hated cats their whole lifes - change.
My friend's father, who had the "shooting" attitude (arrrgh!)once had to take care of her cat when she was away. Her cat gave birth to kittens while she was away, and he became very paternal and protective - because he felt NEEDED. I think if you approach people's compassion (*spelling?) that sometimes works best.

So here is my suggestion:
Advise them NOT to get a cat while you're not there. Next time you visit, take Katie to the shleter for an educative tour. Explain to her how these cats were left at the shelter because nobody loved them. Finding a book on the subject is a great idea!! Explain to her that the concept "used" only applies to material stuff, not animals or PEOPLE. Try to compare people to cats - as often as you can. Explain to her that cats NEED us to take care of them etc. You get the idea...
Its not a bad idea to try and take the parents with you. Ask them to LISTEN while you visit there and try not to judge. Explain to them that having a cat in the house is a responibility, and its like having a companion for life, so if they agree to THAT - they better be as ready as possible.
I think you should leave the breeding issue to a later time. First of all, you need to change their view of cats. Thats your first priority.

I hope you succeed, please let us know how it went!

Sorry for the LONG LONG post... education in this field is something I try to do a lot...
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Thanks again for listening to me, guys. And thanks Nunny for the good advice. I don't know if I can ever change my parents attitude, but I'll sure try to change my little sister's. Anyways, thanks again.
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Nunny's idea of visiting a shelter with your sister is very good. "Used" does sound a bit harsh, but remember that your sister is only eight, and can't express herself like an 18-year-old. There are a lot of people who are afraid to adopt an animal from a shelter because they suspect the animal is there because of behavioral problems, and it's difficult to convince them that while that might be the case, it isn't the norm. A children's book about an adopted pet would be a good idea - maybe you could ask for suggestions here?
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Aw, I feel sorry for your little sister. I like Nunny's advice, and a book about an adopted animal is a good idea too!

We can't change everyone's attitudes, but we can work in places where there is still hope....

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That is sad...maybe when your sister is older she can get herself a kitty, and take care of it..It probably is best they don't have one though with the attitude your SM has about it....
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Laura, It's possible that your father will change his mind, but I'm sure he can't be persuaded to feel different. My niece (we're almost the same age) has hated cats her whole life. Somehow, a few years ago, a stray wormed its way into her heart, and she so regrets all the years she cheated herself. She loves her cats to sleep under the covers with her, and even taught one to play fetch. When your little sister visits, I think she'll gradually learn the truth. Good luck!
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