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Is it ever going to be fall here?

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Today and tomorrow it is supposed to be 89 here in the part of the Bay Area where I live. The forecast is for the 80s all week. I can't figure out what to wear.

I would gladly send 10 or 15 degrees to all of you who have unseasonably cool weather so we can have autumn instead of summer and you can have autumn instead of winter.
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Please, we could use some of that today. I am thiiiiiiiiiis close to turning the furnace on. If it was warmer, I'd be more likely to go out and clean (er - shovel) out the van. :
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We could definitely use it here too. I just went out to get the mail about 20 minutes ago and its cold and windy. I have my space heater on but its still pretty cool in my house.
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I could use it here! Our furnace has been on for quite a while now. At least three or four weeks. There was snow in the forecast for last night in higher elevations! Right now, at 11:54 it is 39 degrees. Brr!
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Don't jinx us! Leave your pocket of weather separate from ours, ok? It's still freezing in the morning here, but for what feels like the first time all year, we are hitting 80s!!

So, yeah, ok, it's a very late summer, but it's about time we had some warmth! WOOHOO!!

For your sake, though, I hope you guys cool off soon!
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We've had our fall - nice colors. But its pretty much over. Winter will hit probably around Thanksgiving
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The Bay Area is always nice in Oct.
You have the same temps as here but we already hit the 30's and last night was 45.
Its 69 now and should be 88 tooday.
You have been as hot as us.
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Okay, we've had fall, it snowed last weekend and the furnace is on. Can we just get to Spring and skip winter? I know we need the water and the income from skiing but I HATE cold weather, I would love year round 80s. Should've been born in Hawaii I guess
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It's supposed to be in the 90's here in Southern CA. It's hot and dry and we're experiencing some wild fires in the Valley area's.
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You can have the snow storm that is getting ready to bear down on Nebraska. We have winter storm warnings out now and the rain we have been getting for 2 days is changing to snow as we speak. We are expecting 8 inches of snow tonight.
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Yoo, hoo! Michigan calling! Yes - we would take your temp swap - if... if... we could use it in FEBRUARY!!!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Yoo, hoo! Michigan calling! Yes - we would take your temp swap - if... if... we could use it in FEBRUARY!!!
I ran from Michigan when I was 18 years old and I didn't get far enough west!!!! I ran out of gas in Colorado and lived there for 26 years before moving to Nebraska!

I am doomed to the snow and freezing weather
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how "awake up" the weather today?...
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The snow storm didn't hit my town, however I did see school closures in the towns surrounding us... It must have skirted right around us.
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I'll take some warmer weather!!! Winter lasts way too long here in MN anyway, so the last thing I want is unseasonable cold weather and snow!
It's too early for that stuff!!!!!!
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Still warm. I am looking longingly at my winter clothes, such as they are here.
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