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Carrie is a married chick!

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YEA!! I am BACK!!!

It was a WONDERFUL day! The weather turned out to be just great and all of my nerves totally went away as soon as I started down the aisle!

Vegas was great, too, but our feet are about ready to fall off!!

Thanks for your thoughts and wishes! I will be able to scan a few pictures from Vegas soon (maybe tonight!) and wedding pictures maybe this week (not professional ones, though!).
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Welcome back! feel any different? I love married life,been married 29 and a half year's!
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Welcome back Mrs! I am glad you had a great time at your wedding and in Vegas! Wasn't the Monte Carlo an amazing hotel? Can't wait to see the pics!
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Congrats...and welcome back!! So do you have children or are you 'working' on them??
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Children? Have none YET! One in the works? Can I get back to you after my next cycle?? LMAO!
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Congrats carrie!!! Welcome Back girl!!
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I just saw this after I had already posted about it in the other thread. can't wait to see the pics!!!!!!
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Congratulations Carrie! I can't wait to see pictures. I just KNOW you were a beautiful bride.
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Yay! Carrie, I'm glad to see everything went as planned! Can't wait to see those pictures! Hope you had fun in Vegas...Go soak your little toesies in some warm soapy water...then have Roger massage them for you!

Congrats once again and hope your marriage goes as wonderful as the wedding!
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Carrie, I wish you a lifetime of happiness! My very best to both of you.
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Congratulations Carrie!!!!
As I was away on your wedding day, I couldn´t get to a computer, but I sent your a wedding congratulations thougt

It´s great that the day and everything was good, you only plan to have one wedding day - ever! So it is very important that it turns out to be a wonderful day.

May the two of you be blessed with a lifetime of love and happyness!

I look forward to see the photos!
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I am so happy for you carrie WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I'm loking forward to seeing pictures I bet you looked beautiful !!!!! Sam

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Congratulations! And I can't wait to see the pictures!
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I so glad everything went ok for you. I cant wait to see the pictures. Congratulations again! Did you win anything in Vegas?
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A Toast!

That you should both never want as long as you live, and that you both should live and be healthy and happy as long as you want!


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You guys are GREAT!! Thanks!

I am slowly posting pictures in a new thread

Win money? lol A little bit! Actually...about $450, but ended $100 in the hole. *sigh*
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