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Has Bonaparte found Ginger's son?

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Yesterday I met Bonaparte trotting up the gravel path with this little creature at his heels, trying to keep up.

He fled under my daughter's car but was soon tempted out by a bowl of food. And although he is very wild and bit me when I got hold of him, I now have him in a cage. He went on to eat a further three bowls yesterday, as he is skin and bone.

He is naturally scared to death, though calmer today, and has stopped leaping round trying to escape from the cage. I was even able (with a glove on) to touch him between the ears.

But he does like to be around the other cats, meows and reaches out when he sees them, and Bilbo particularly is very keen on being friends.

I reckon he is around 10 weeks old, and probably the kitten of the tabby female that was around all summer, though I have not seen her for several weeks. It is more than possible in that case that Ginger Tom is the father, as he was floating round my fields during that period. So I will try and socialise him and then as before he will go to be adopted.

I can just imagine Bonaparte finding him and inviting him home for a good meal!
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Isn't he gorgeous!! That's lovely that he gets on well with the other cats Jenny, so lots of good luck in socialising him because he's a beauty!

Clever Bonaparte!!
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Awww what a little cutie!

What a clever boy Bonaparte
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oh bless him! what a lovely looking baby he is!

and what a clever boy bonaparte is bringing him home. do you think he told him how good the food is and that he could stay over too.
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OMG, he's SO cute Jenny, YAY Bonaparte
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Gooooo, Bonaparte! yay,kitty, for rescuing a baby in need!
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You've done a good job raising those cats... what a good heart Bonaparte has! So glad he brought you that baby.
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THat's so sweet

I'm sure you'll be sending that gorgeous baby to a good home in no time!
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Oh what a doll! Look at his round head and round eyes!

What a smart kitty Bonaparte is to bring him home!
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Awww, he is adorable!
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what a star your Bonaparte is!! And he found such a cutie too! Have you given him a name?
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No name yet. Ideas? He is a brown-tinged ginger red, with a darker tabby striped tail. He is progressing well, and no longer flinches when I touch him, but is beginning to purr softly when I stroke him on the head.
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Awww that's great Jenny. If you can, can we have a couple of more pics please
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Awwww what a cute little boy!!!!! Good for Bonaparte too Awww, I wish I was a little closer, he is sooooo lovely. More pics would be great!
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Good job Bonaparte! What a gorgeous boy!
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