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The Daily Thread October 22nd, 2008

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Hello All,

Just a quick stop as I leave for my seminar in about 20 minutes.
Today we learn about invasive plant concepts from USDA and other government agencies and this afternoon practice some techniques and learn how to write a management plan!!

Cool morining-its 32.9F on my outdoor thermometer BUT.....snow flurries on forecast for Sunday night as temps are really going to drop!!

Kitties are all in for the day.

Enjoy your day
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Nice day here, cool and sunny, have about a two hour drive to deliver lunch, then back home to cook dinner for 8.
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Morning cat peeps~

I am still training out of town..maybe another week to go. We shall see.

I am actually "learning" a program today that I have been using for the past month..soooo, I have a feeling I will be co-facilitating today I will likely learn a little bit though I'm sure.

One of my excoworkers from London is meeting me for dinner tonight here I am pretty excited, I miss those ladies.

Ummmm, nothing much other than that

Have a great day!
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It's a cold, rainy and windy day here today and I plan on cooking a few different things to stock the freezer with fast and easy meals. I also need to make a few wreaths and get some laundry done.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but on the chilly side at only 2C here.

Heading over the hospital shortly I have to have a bunch of x-rays done. I finally got the appointment I have been waiting for with the rheumatologist that I was referred to almost a year ago.
So my doctor wants everything up to date, x-rays, blood work, and a couple of other tests to do with joint mobility...Oh joy I just love being poked, prodded and twisted around..

After that I have a bit of grocery shopping to do and that's about it.

The kitties are good this morning. All napping right now, lazy guys.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning all!

Chilly here this morning, but the last few days has been reaching in the 80s, so I have high hopes for today!

Another busy day at work, but I still hope to leave on time. :fingerscrossed:

Then tonight only some house work, otherwise I'm free! Been really tired lately, though. Too much stress, I think.

Kitties are good! Cronos got adopted and is now Jasper, so I only have my forever girl Evie and one foster, Sam. And, by the way, they are starting to get along better!! Evie only tried to kill Sam every few hours yesterday instead of every hour.

Everyone have a happy Wednesday!
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