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Our cat plays "moving man"!

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Does anybody else's cat move furniture around? We have a metal lawn chair out on the cat's balcony, and he pushes it to wherever he wants to sit and watch things. He also pushes our 5' palm tree, which is in a big pot on castors, several feet until it is next to the TV. Then he jumps on top of the TV and plays with the leaves (it's not a poisonous plant - that's the first thing we checked). He actually stands on his hind legs, puts his front paws on whatever he wants to move, and then "walks" it to the preferred position. I've never seen another cat do this.
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THAT would make a great "caption this" photo!
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Sounds like you have a supercat !!

i have never heard of this before... sounds like your kitty is very strong!

My babies are not as strong.. they are dainty females... i need to move their beds around everyday....

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jcat - It sounds like your cat is not only strong, but quite a smart little guy.
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I agree, he sounds like a genius! I am really impressed -- he has to be smart!
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He's constantly watching whatever we're doing, so I guess he figured he'd try it himself. He also turns the floor lamp on and off, and hits the redial button on the phone, so he must be pretty smart. I've just never heard anyone say their cat moved things to suit himself.
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That is ONE amazing cat I am astounded! moving furniture around and turning on lamps! This has got to be a very special kitty.
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I don't know - there are some cats out there that are smarter. My sister used to have a cat who opened the refrigerator. Oliver would climb inside and knock all the tasty stuff to the floor, where he and the dog shared it. She had to strap the fridge shut! My favorite cat story is from a German forum. A woman adopted a cat from the pound, and soon discovered that he had an interesting hobby. He flushed the toilet a zillion times a day, and watched/listened to the water going down the drain. The only solution she could come up with, since the cat got the bathroom door open by himself, was to shut the water off every time she left the house! And we talk about "dumb" animals!
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who said cats weren't smart?! :P
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