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Vote for October - Scary Cats

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Thank you for all of the wonderful entries for the October Photo Contest - Scary/Scaredy Cats! This is the Scary Cats part, where we will select 2 of our winners this month Congratulations to our finalists, as determined by our site team. To make it fair, we did institute a rule that we could not vote for our own pictures. We were each allowed to vote for 10 photos, and these constitute the ones that 1/2 of us voted for. (I want to make this as transparent as possible so everyone knows this is a fair process.)

This poll will be open for 1 week. Each member can vote for one of our finalists, and you can vote for your own photo if you want to. You did not have to enter a photo to be able to vote. The top photos will be featured in a 2009 Calendar that will be offered for sale through Cafe Press at the TCS Store. An example of what the calendar may look like is here: Please note I used the first 3 photos in alphabetical order, it is not refective of the team vote or my own personal views.

The top 2 will receive points (1st: 5000 points, 2nd: 2500 points) and a custom signature showing the whole site that they have Mr./Ms. October on TCS! And, of course, bragging rights. The winner will also have a 2009 TCS Calendar that will go on sale later this year sent to them!

The photos will appear in the next post, in alphabetical order.
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Ophelia Rose



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OH my goodness these are good!
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what a scary bunch of kitties! and that is unfair having the 'catfather' at the top, really puts the pressure on!
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I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see my chubby boy made the finals. I'm a very proud mama though!
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If i could vote i would vote for ophelia and clementine
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This is a tough one! So many scary kitties
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That one of Cello freaks me out....
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Originally Posted by Purdy'sMomma View Post
If i could vote i would vote for ophelia and clementine
You should be able to vote. Of course, you can only vote for one.
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Sorry Nat, I didn't vote for Ophelia (even though she is my favourite) because I figured everyone else would, and there has to also be a second place rather than JUST a first place. Looks I was right...
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Last day to vote!
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Go Stumpy go - make a last ditch effort!!!!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Go Stumpy go - make a last ditch effort!!!!
Go Stumpy! lol
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I'm sorry Stumpy...but you're still Miss March (and a much more flattering picture too!).

Congratulations to Ophelia Rose and White Cat Lover for an overwhelming 1st place! And to Trent and me

(Points and siggies are forthcoming.)

And on a more personal note....

Thank you so much for voting for my boy! Trent is very happy to be put next to the scary Ophelia Rose (ironic...his sister, who is a BK too is named Ophelia), the scared Aby kitten, and his devilish almost-twin Riley! It is also ironic that he's voted as 2nd Scary Cat since he's really such a sweetie who couldn't scare a fly in real life!
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OK - so - all the winners who voted for Ophelia Rose can share custody of her with me, right?
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Wicket would like to thank the Academy and says "I was an honor to even be nominated."
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Congrats to all the wonderful scary cats, and particularly to the winners, Ophelia Rose and Trent.
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Here's the siggies!

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Trent looks like a big,furry black bat in that pic!
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