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New Kitten with the runs

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We found a baby kitten in the field next to our house, I have no clue how old she is but she looks very young. She is now having very loose bowls and not using the litter box. We do have another cat in the house who is 5 months old they love each other very much. I am really scared something is wrong with the kitten she started this a week ago and we can't get into the vet until the 5th of june( cause of the only time the army vet had). She does eat can food and she will drink water but she stopped eating her dry food so i started can for fear she would starve. I will be greatful for any help you can give me. Our daughter loves this cat and we can't have her pooping all over the place and if something happened to her she would be crushed.
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Canned food will cause loose stool. How old do you think the kitten is? Did it eat the dry food at all? I know this is yucky but what does the poop look like? If it is yellowish or gray or even greenish colored, you may need to go to another vet. Also, if it is really foul smelling. Kittens can dehydrate easily and he probably isn't pooping everywhere on purpose. He could have giardia or something else.
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You need not wait for the army vet. This is coming from someone who works for one. You need to get the kitten away from your 5 month old and have a civilian look at the kitten. Lil' ones can become dehydrated very quicky. Most likley it is a parasite and needs to be treated. If the runs continue the kitten is going to loose more fluid than you can give. Also, this kitten could have something that can be passed to the other cat. I would put her/him in a bathroom tonight and call around in the morning.
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