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Friday DT

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Happy Friday, all of you working stiffs!

Its bedlam, around here, this morning. Everyone was still asleep, when I got up. That didn't last for long. All three cats are in a mood - running, wrestling, getting into stuff. Buddy got fed up with Rowdy and hissed and growled at her. She gave up on him and started in on Opie. THAT went over well. Opie whaled on her.

I've had to chase all three of them off of the desk - they wanted to wrestle on the keyboard. I just ran Opie off of my sewing table. He was knocking things down for Rowdy to play with.

If this keeps up, much longer, I'm going to shut them up in seperate rooms.
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Oops, wrong forum! Guess we know where you call home Cindy! LOL

I'll move it to the Lounge.
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Wow, I'm actually busy at work today. May even be able to stretch it out to 1:00 and get my OT in.

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? I'm not planning on doing anything much, but maybe some shopping for necessities - fun fun fun!
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We're having a family birthday party: my niece's birthday was the 24th, her maternal uncle's is today, father-in-law's the 26th, brother-in-law's the 27th, and to round things off, the cat's birthday is the 28th. That's a lot of Taureans in one family.
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Not a lot here. Hope everyone is doing well! I've just got a lot of cleaning to do . It's never fun, but it has to be done...and I'm the one who has to do it.

Good luck with the maniacs, Cindy, sounds like you'll need some sanity too, so I'll try to send some your way. Just make sure to tell them who's boss...wait...on second thought don't, their heads are big enough I'm sure
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Well - I am busy punching wholes in a gazillion photcopies and putting together training manuals. Tonight I get to go see Stars on Ice and tomorrow a lacrosse game!

Heidi - I hope that my team beats your team tomorrow, but we haven't beaten your team this year (the Colorado Mammoth). Have you watched any of their games.

Maybe on Sunday I will go to the race track to see the horses run!

Cindy - don't you start a new job soon?

Hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend!
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I had to take the kitten back to the Vet.for a check up.her eye is slowly getting better.Thank God!I have to go buy food ,my cupboared are empty!! bare!, Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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Not five minutes, after I posted, I went into the kitchen and found Buddy and Rowdy sharing the food bowl, as if nothing ever happened.

Everybody's asleep, now. Thank goodness, my new job starts May 5th. I could use some peace and quiet!
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I am sure that you mentioned it Cindy, but I am not too with it today - what will your new job be? Didn't you mention something about a casino?
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Same termoil here.
I was having an ok day, I was at work for a while, but had to leave for a eye appointment, I was really looking forward to getting new glass's, lord knows I need them.
But my car had another idea in mind, it died on me.
It's not even my car, my car didn't pass inspection so it's sitting in the parking lot waiting for me to shell out $200 to haul it to the dump. The car that died today is owned by my fiance's boss... which is just dandy.
I couldn't get to my doctors appointment, couldn't find it, let alone get there.

Some nice soul checked my fluid levels, there was almost no coolent or oil left, he gave me a little bit of oil, so I attempted to drive myself home about 30 miles away.
So I got to drive home with the heat blasting (to help keep the car from over heating anymore) behind some jerk going 5-30 miles an hour on ALL roads... it was delightful!
I made it home, barely. But now I can't get back to work like I was suppose to, loosing out on money.

Now I have to figure out how to get my daughter home from daycare.
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Ady, I'm going to be doing inbound customer service, for Daimler-Chrysler Credit. After all of these years - a sit-down job. Just talking on the phone and punching a computer.
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I think I'm suppose to be happy it's the weekend. BUT I am not, it only means finals are 2 weeks closer.

And since mom went on vacation I have to do all the cleaning, with a broken ankle but I won't get down.

Nope, I ended up getting a scholarship to pay for my summer coures and now I'll wrap up earlier.

I hope all have sun this weekend and it's warmer!!
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Today's my first day back at work. oh yipee.

Darrell went for the two interviews yesterday and they both want him but they both want graveyards, which is the entire reason he's leaving the place where he is, too many graveyard shifts.

Well, I guess we'll see what happens.

Have a great day everyone!
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Ady, I will be honest and tell you I haven't seen one lacross game. They don't even televise them here!

I did get your postcard last week, and I forgot to say Thank you!! It was quite unexpected.

Glad to see at least one Denver team is doing OK in the Playoffs!!
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Ah, Friday! Yay!!

5 hours of driver's ed first time in the city. I'm kind of scared but I think I'm confident enough now that I'll be okay. (that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one, lol.)

I have 3 pages of chemistry and math problems to work out this weekend... argh. My teacher is starting negative marking, so the highest mark I can get is zero. Seems so strange to me! "Hey mom, I got a perfect zero!" biggest news...


My French teacher called us in at lunch today and told us that there's a trip next year to Louisiana that we can go on. It's four days, and $1366. Argh! I don't have the money but I really want to go! My parents said that if I save every cent I get, I can go and they'll help me out with the money that I'm short by, and then I can pay them back after. That's kind of cool. Wish me luck, please! I desperately want to go. It will be next year - my last year of high school, and my two best friends are going, and 2 of my favorite teachers. It's set to depart on my 18th birthday (March 15). How lucky is that? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get the money and that mom and dad won't change their minds. I've never been out of Ontario (well, I went to Michigan when I was four) and I really want to see something new. Mom and Dad are worried about SARS, airplanes, and the backlash Canada is getting for not participating in the war. I really hope they let me go, I don't want to live in a glass house forever.

(Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging or rambling and whatnot. I'm just kind of surprised at the moment that they said yes for the time being, lol.)
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My first day off in a week! Guess what I got to do? Sleep in!! I didn't crawl out of been until noon! BUT then I had to walk a MILE to get to 24 Hour Fitness and meet with my trainer. We did our resistance training, and boy did he ever work me. THEN he made me do 35 minutes of cardio running on an eliptical machine. So I ran another 2.5 miles on that burned 350 calories, and then walked another mile to get back home. I'm POOPED and its only 4:20. I have to work another double tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. So I'm being extremely lazy today.
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Happy Saturday and Im sooooooo confused what DOES DT mean??
I know im dumb..LOL
Thanks .. Sam
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You're not dumb...quite a few ask that!
It means daily thread
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Daily thread! LOL
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BTW, It's not quite Saturday here for me more hour to go!
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It is Saturday in NY!
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LOL Well its saturday afternoon and very sunny and I'm enjoying talking to my Cat pals , Thanks for clearing that dilemma up
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