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Fish oil for shedding problems

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I have PMd sharky about this since she reco'd it, but I have not heard back.. so I hope that she's ok. Anyway - I will put this out there for anyone to answer. I'm helping an elderly neighbor with her cat, Sparky. He was shedding like mad. Sharky reco'd a change in diet and it is helping, but he's still throwing off quite a bit of hair. So... fish oil. The neighbor hasn't gotten him any - it's been weeks, so I took matters into my own hands and bought human grade capsules. (Sundown brand)

So, the question is -- how much to give her cat? The gel-caps are 1,000 mg. Is that just too much for a kitty? That was the smallest I could find.

PS: He's a wonderful boy! Red tabby! Sweet as pie! Always glad to see me! About three years old.
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many brand s will work... use half a cap it using human at first.. sorry I was thinking how to address it... grizzley salmon oil is usually easy to obtain and not $$
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Thanks. I was just wondering if everything was alright with you. I know one of your kitties has been sick and needed surgery, right?

I may be able to take this back and just order her some of the Salmon oil. I don't think she is going to do it and I am VERY fond of Sparky. or maybe I will take the human grade stuff.. it would be good for me, too.
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The Derm Caps I have for my cat contain 75 IUs of Vit E with directions to feed one cap per 10 lbs of weight per day.

I would start with 100 IUs a day and go up to 200 IUs per day depending on how the cat responded.
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I poke my caps open with a thick needle and my cat gets about 250 mg of fish oil daily (1/4 cap). This is what my vet recommended for my dog, who is the same size as the cat.
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