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Have I ruined my male cats lives?

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I recently brought in a female 10-month-old kitten, who I assume is a feral because she was nothing but bones and TERRIFIED of people. I fed her outside in the neighbor's yard for a week or two, and she became used to me, enough so that I brought her into her own private room in my home. Then I brought her out of the room, after a few days. I have two male neutered indoor/outdoor cats, 8 and 4 years old. After a day or two, she became very aggressive with them; chasing, hissing, clawing. The 8 year old has become somewhat tolerant and no longer runs from her, but he's still leery. The 4 year old wimpy male almost refuses to come in at night. He is terrified to be in his own house. He does run from her, and I've begun placing him on my son's top bunk at night to sleep, because that's the only place he feels safe. These two cats used to be happy kitties, playing and chasing each other once in awhile, completely at ease. Now there is so much tension, and the older cat appears to have a urinary problem suddenly, with spots on the floor and elsewhere. Is this a coincidence? I've read about the Feliway product; does that really work, and is it safe? I plan to spay the female in the next couple of weeks; could this be part of her aggression? She is still kind of nervous of the other people in the family, but she's calming down around me, and has never shown one ounce of aggression toward me. Just my cats. This situation makes me sad, because she has nowhere else to go. Can this work out? I appreciate any advice I can get!
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Spaying should help a lot. And being feral, she's probably inclined to fight a lot. Most neutered males are not that aggressive, so if the female is, I can see why they are not happy.

It will take time, and you have to do introductions slow. I hope it can work out.
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I would put the new cat away, not the one that hass been there for years. Its almost telling him its bad for him to be out, and the new cat is taking his place on the totem pole .....
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i've known a few otherwise-friendly female strays who do this. definitely get her fixed up and spayed before trying to incorporate her (also get her tested/vacc'ed). she is probably used to encountering tough tomcats from the street so she thinks she has to be all tough too. a gradual introduction should lessen the blow, keep her separated and let her out for supervised exploration for longer and longer periods of time.
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1. Get her spayed.
2. Confine her away from the two boys, with gradual introductions. At the slightest sign of aggression, put her back 'in Coventry;' when she 'plays nice' give her treats and praise.
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Thanks for your help! I am trying your method of action; the male cats calmed down almost immediately when I confined her to the sunroom (has two windowed doors, but she can't get to them). She calmed down as well. I have also ordered the Feliway, which I've heard so much about of late. I pray it works as well for us as it did for 85% of the population!
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