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Online Classes?

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The baby is due in Jan, but I would really like to go back to school. I have thought about taking some online classes that was I could stay at home, but still be getting back into the college deal. Has any one taken any online classes before? I have no idea how they work or how you even get into one. It was just a thought and I wanted others opnions. Should I try to take some classes next semester online? Or should I just wait untill the fall semester? Only reason why I am looking into next smester is because I actually WANT to go and I am not too sure how long that will last. Any segestions?
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I've taken online classes in pursuit of my Masters and consider it to be an excellent option!
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I've taken a few online classes before. One I took was biostatistics and I had kind of a bad experience with that one. The professor didn't make powerpoint slides up for us to learn from. She would just tell us to read the examples in the book and learn from those, and by the way the book was horrible at explaining things so I had a rough semester.

Our online classes used WebCT to host them I don't know if most use WebCT. Most of the time the professors would send out reminders of when homework was going to be due, or when we needed to have our test turned in by. That showed up as an "announcement" on WebCT. Most of the other online classes that I had provided some kind of powerpoint presentations with audio that you could listen to.

The thing I liked about online classes is that if you have a job or other things, then you can watch them whenever it is convenient for you. So if you wanted to watch it at 2am in the morning, then you could do that, it is your choice.

Your assignments are basically just attached/uploaded through WebCT and then uploaded onto it for the professor to grade. You could also view your grades through WebCT and take quizes through it and even your tests. We weren't supposed to have open book tests but when you're taking the test at home then it's kind of hard not to want to look in a book for the answer if you don't know it off the top of your head! I know, I was bad sometimes. You have to be willing and disciplined enough to watch the lectures though online. I know sometimes I wouldn't even listen to the audio, I would just glance through the powerpoints myself since it was quicker, but that way you miss important things that the professor might have said.
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I am going to university of Phoenix's online axia collage it's a very nice online set up that is user friendly. It's a bit on the pricey side from what I understand. It's about $600+ for each class. Thats a bit pricey for me, but the army is paying all but $60 for my classes
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So can I just search out the nearest college and sing up? I would probally try to find a community college because of cost issues.

I would not mind watching the lectures online. Im sure you can pause it and take a bathroom break without missing anything

My friend took some online classes and she said she had to go in once a week to turn in work and take the quizes. Are they all like that? The main reason I was looking into online classes is because I am going to have a baby and I could sit at home and nurse while watching the lectures.
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