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Dancing With The Stars - Week 5

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Four never done dances in competition and even the pros had to do some learning! Well, except for Lacey who is a west coast swing champ but still didn't get Lance great scores. At 21 he is tied for bottom spot with Cloris aka "skanky ho".

Best dances of the night were the jitterbugs with Brooke and Derek edging out Cody and Julianne - 29 to 28.

Tony needs to challenge Susan like he did with Marissa last year.

Tonight there is to be some fantastic spectacle of a performance.
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I can not wait to watch tonight and hope Cloris goes.
I loved both Jitterbugs last night and Warren Sapp.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I can not wait to watch tonight and hope Cloris goes.
I loved both Jitterbugs last night and Warren Sapp.
I think her time has come

The jitterbugs were great and Kym & Warren's Hustle was Outta sight!!!

The jusdge were right inthat Tony handles Susan like she is a china doll... I personally do not like Tony, he never seems like he pushes his partners

I guess I just don't get West Coast Swing, they had it on So You Think You Can Dance and I just don't like it

I'm not usually a fan of Cheryl, but her and Maurice's salsa was hot hot hot!!!
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It's goodbye to Toni Braxton. She had such potential in the beginning.

Can't wait for next week when the guest judge sitting in for Len is Michael Flatley!

Oh, and the big production number didn't live up to the hype- IMO.
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Im surprised Cloris is still there, and that she isnt in the bottom two!
I didnt make it through the big performance I watched the first section that was supposed to be from the 30's, and since I watch a lot of old movies I've seen the two guys (I think they were brothers?) that the guys on DWS were trying to imitate (or at least it looked that way to me) and the original guys were so much better that I just fast forwarded through it.
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Yeah, those 2 were paying homage to the Nicholas Brothers.
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Wow! I missed tonight's show and I am soooo shocked that Toni Braxton is gone and Cloris is still there! She's funny and I admire her doing this at her age, but sometimes she's just too much and it's not funny anymore. I think Toni could have pulled it back together considering what she did early in the season. I just keep thinking people want Cloris around for the shock entertainment of it.
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I was reading in the blogs over there and people said they vote for her just because her age.
She has to go soon.
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Toni did have a lot of potential but she wasn't improving every week still sad to see her go

I didn't really enjoy the Macy's production either, it wasn't that good, the dancers were not in sync

The dance that Louis and Karina did to the Brian Setzer Orchestra, was that a jitterbug? that's what I was thinking, but holy smokes!! They were moving so fast I swear they were in fast forward!!

I LOVE watching the kids dance too, the coupel that did the paso was really really good!!
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Louis and Karina appeared to be doing the jive which has some jitterbug moments.

It was good to see Louis again!
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