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Daily Thread Tues Oct 21st.

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Morning all!!!!

It would seem I am the first to arrive this morning..

Cloudy cool and very windy here today. Blowing up a storm of some kind I guess...They were say the dreaded s word on the weather network lastnight...Snowflurries for this afternoon.
Oh well it's on it's way anyway and I really kind of like winter anyway.

Now that I have new boots I am all ready to go..

A few errands to run today. Have to stop off and pick up a prescription at the drug store, and also need kitty supplies..

Other then that nothing exciting going on. Throw in a load of laundry earlier and am just waiting to put that in the drier..

The kitties are good this morning, following me around getting under my feet as much as possible..
Everyone have a great day
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Sunny but cool fall day.

Well I was told the incorrect time for the seminar today. I emailed the coordinator and she said 8-5 so I show up about 7:45. No cars in parking lot. I check with a building staff member and he said room reserved 8-5. Me, hmmmm.............

Good thing I brought a newspaper. About 8:20 the coordinator shows up and says you are here early. Me: I was emailed 8-5. No, No its 9-5 today she says. Me:
I couldn't find any schedule on the website provided. GRRRR.................
I have a client nearby I could have stopped in there if I had my equipment.

Tomorrow its 8:30-4 pm so I have to contact the lady who is bringing my chairs from craigslist to meet a bit earlier.

Well I have dinner prepped this morning so its baking now.
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