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when can a kitten become pregnant? i have 2 kittens one male one female who are 16 weeks old n very cute but vet said they wont fix them until they are 6 months but last night i caught my male cat prodding my female and had her neck in his mouth and doing u knw what and his winke was definitely out but he wasnt succesful putting it in her parts that we know of so we seperated them but what if there has been other times we are not aware of or is my female too young hopefully, any help or advice would be gratefully recieved many thanks in advance, shell x
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I think it is more likely that your male is too young. I have read articles of males as young as four months impregnating females but I don't know of any earlier than that. Most males will not produce until closer to a year old. Believe me -- all he needs is a little practice though and he will have it down so I would definantly seperate until you have them desexed. I would also try around with other vet or clinics and find someone that will do it younger.
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Kittens as young as 4-5 months old CAN and DO get pregnant. This applies to both males and females. I've known male kittens 5 months old that got adult females pregnant!

Its NOT true that they don't produce sperm early. Do your best to locate a vet that is willing to get those kittens done now. BEFORE she gets pregnant. It doesn't take the boy long to figure it out.

Keep them separated till they are both done. Males will still be able to get unspayed females pregnant up to 2 months after they are done. So its very important to have them done now.
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Look for a low cost spay/neuter clinic. Maybe contact a local shelter? They usually know of local low cost clinics. The low cost clinics are there to help in over-population, and will alter kitties as soon as they are able!

Here in the states, the rule of thumb is 2 lbs. for girls, and dropped testis for boys.

We got all our girls done right when they went into their first heat, we were not in any hurry. When we had Roxie done, Little Boy was just a baby. Couldn't have been much over 15 weeks. He was so young, that the vet tech had to have the vet check him first. Lucky for us, the vet said his little "nuts" (that's the word the vet used LOL) had dropped and he was good to go for surgery.

There is no reason you should have to wait so long to get your babies altered. Kudos to you for getting them done! Very responsible of you!

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Here is the contact info for the Scottish Humane Society:

603 Queensferry Road, Braehead Mains
Edinburgh , EH4 6EA
Phone: 0131 339 0222
Fax: 0131 339 4777

Call and ask them to recommend a vet that will spay your kittens right now. There are plenty of vets who will spay kittens starting at 8 weeks. Even if, by some random chance, your female IS pregnant, she is far too young to carry kittens so getting her spayed asap is recommended. Good luck!
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Please have your kitties spayed/neutered ASAP!
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I was also told by vets that at 4 months old a female can go into heat and become pregnant. That is a general age so for individual cats that could vary + or -. Those vets that recommend waiting until 6 months old may make an exception when you tell them what happened.

16 weeks = 4 months old. If he was going through the motions she may well have been in heat and he was mature enough to respond. Nature takes over.

Great that you are being a responsible pet parent and taking control of the situation. Good luck to you.
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thank you all for taking the time 2 answer my thread, i luckily have a spare bedroom so im taking it in turns 2 alternate locking one of them in there feel bad but i know its for the best, im going to do a ring round all the local vets here as i just called my regular one i use for my older cat, its not the cost of them being nutered the sooner the better aslong as they are healthy i say but yes thank you all i didnt know they were opposite sex when i got them i tht i had 2 girls but thank you all xxx
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just phoned the scottish humane society whom said its definetley 6 months because of the anasthetic and them being so young but they reccommended i keep them seperated until i can have them nutered.x
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Probably not going to find a vet there to do it before 6 months. I think that is the way most in UK are. In the US many will do it at 10 weeks or so, but unfortunately I don't think you will be able to find one. Best to keep the separated and go ahead and make the appointment for the very first day they will agree to do it.
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And if they cannot get them in the same day, get the female done first.

Good luck keeping them apart!
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Can't you just pretend she is 6 months? It's not like she can talk and say you are lying.

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How far are you willing to travel to get her done now? Its gonna be rough to separate them for the next 2 months. Keep calling. I just wonder with your shelters over there - how early are they neutering/spaying the kittens?
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Shame you are in Scotland and not in England, I know quite a few vets in my area that neuter from 8 weeks old. Cats Protections guidelines are now 4 months, but finding vets happy at doing them that young is a different matter - I have a 4.5mo foster cat, I am hoping my vet will agree to do him (she does them from 5mo normally) so he can be done before being rehomed. The anaesthetic bit certainly isn't true, I have met 8wo kittens that were netuered 2 days previously, and they sometimes have to have ops for more major things than that with no side effects.
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Originally Posted by Yarra View Post
Can't you just pretend she is 6 months? It's not like she can talk and say you are lying.

My vet here in Greece wouldn't neuter my boy before he was 6 months so I lied. I knew from TCS that lots of vets elsewhere will do it at 4 months so I was happy that I was doing the best thing for him especially as he is an indoor/outdoor cat.

I did admit after the neuter that he was 5 months old and she (in typical Greek fashion) just wrote the date of the neuter in his pet passport as 1 month later than it really was
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