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Canned food gone bad?

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Ok, I buy both Rocky and Fluffy canned Authrity and dry Authrity kitten food...usually the canned looks more wet but I opened up 3 cans this morning, and they just looked realy dried out or something little pieces of white in it? it isn't mold, but I was wondering since I know a couple of you use canned food and need to know if it's still ok to give them? as I was opening up the cans, both Rock and Fluffers were just begging and pleading with me to eat , but I am not sure of it ya know? what do yall think?
By the way, I just got this food last week too
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Somewhere, possibly the bottom of the can should be an experation date. You do have to check them out. Some stores don't rotate their stock, and you could buy old. Good luck.
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I noticed the same thing in some I opened in the last couple of days, its Authority brand for adult cats. When I opened it, some of it came off with the lid, its really thick and I noticed it had some white chunks in it too, looks kinda like pieces of rice or something. Since I just started using this brand I thought it was normal and I fed it to them and they are just fine, I dont think it was bad, maybe just not mixed up all the way.
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It could have been the bottom of the batch and I think the white flecks could be bone meal, or fish bone. Let us know if it expired. If the can was dented it could be bad. I never buy dented cans as micro fissures can let in bacteria that could cause real bad tummy problems!
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Could the white stuff be congealed fat? I've seen that in canned dog food.
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Wow... Kathy!

From what i know, women's intuitions are the strongest.. if you feel something is bad, something IS probably bad.

i feed my babies with wet foods on a daily basis. When you open the can, the food should emit a nice odor .... also, it should have the necessary, normal gravy and juices. Sounds like this particular can you opened is dried out.

Could you bring it back to the vendor who sold it to you? Is there a no. on the can to call the manufacturer? i would give them a call, just as a feedback, for them to look into their products (probably with scrutiny?)

Take care, Kathy!

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I feed Authority wet food. The white specks are pieces of rice! The stuff that comes of the top of the lid is just broth that has settled. PetsMart is very good about removing the expired cans from the shelf, so I doubt it is rotten. Every can of Authority that I have bought has looked the same, and they were all new cans!
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The food sticking to the lid and the white specks you see are normal, least for Authority and most other canned foods depending on the ingredients.

BUT, if it does look dried out, I wouldn't feed that one, open another can see if it looks good or bad.

Sometimes things like that can happen with any brands, and yes they do expire eventually.
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I finally opened up a 4th can it looks what I call "normal"..Rock and Fluff came running quickly too
The kitten food only has one flavor that I have seen and it is chicken and rice so I assume it was rice I was seeing.....oh well...I get paranoid when something doesn't look right....
By the way,,the cans were not expired....it jsut looked very different and it is the first time I have seen it this way...it usually has a "tuna" scent to it, but this didn't..I really don't think it was rotten, but I threw it out anyway....what a waste...I am going to call the number and explain what happened though,,I saved a can to show them what I'm talking about because i know lots of canned food probably looks like that..
Thanks for all the input yall!
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