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Pregnant cat with lots of gas - normal?

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Ok, this is probably a silly question, but is it normal for a pregnant cat to be really gassy? Daisy has been on the same food (Iam's kitten both wet and dry) since she came to us 2 weeks ago. The past few days she has been really gassy - as in everytime I pet her she lets loose with the silent killers . My daughter has a book about "Walter the Farting Dog" and I'm thinking I could write a sequal about Daisy - its pretty bad. I'm hoping its just the kittens getting big and not her food upsetting her. She doesn't seem uncomfortable. Anyone else have this problem with a pregnant cat?
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My cat who is pregnant has those horrible farts too. Silent but OMG killers! So I think its normal just like humans lol..
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My cat had kittens about 2 weeks ago and she still has gas pretty bad...not to mention her poo stinks because she's still eating kitten food.
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I would suggest switching to a more natural cat food. Iams has by-product and animal digest (google it if you are brave enough) which are not good for our kitties! Unfortantly it will end up being more expensive. Also i would say try feed less wet food or mixing it with the dry food so she is not eating just mush. When i started feed Flower wet food she stopped eating the dry food all together so I had to start mixing it. If all they eat is mush all that come out is mush and it is not good for their digestive system. Hope this helps.
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Actually wet food is healthier, so dont restrict her wet in favour of dry, but I do agree at looking at better foods than Iams.
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I just switched my other cats over to Nutro Natural Balance based on recommendations and some issues I was having with one of them. As soon as this bag of Iams kitten food is gone I will switch her over to Nutro as well since I would like to bring her in/introduce her to my other cats and my dogs after the kittens (not born yet) go to new homes. She is living in a garden shed right now. She is getting half a can of wet food in the morning and unlimited dry during the day along with plenty of water. The gas seems to have decreased. Just waiting on babies now.
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You actually need to start mixing the Nutro in now, a straight swap could cause major tummy issues. Is there any way mum cat can be in somewhere warmer and more secure than a garden shed?
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Good point about mixing the food. I'll pick up a bag of the Nutro today - that's what I've done with my other cats - mixed the foods - I just hadn't thought that far ahead about this one I guess.

The shed she is in has been insulated and draft and weather proofed - and I put in an outdoor heating pad for her nest box and a heat lamp. It is really quite cozy and secure. She needs to be there right now for several reasons. She has major issues with my dogs and I didn't want to try to remedy that while she was pregnant. She doesn't like them and even tried to attack one of them. They are good with cats unless the cat scratches or attacks them and then they will get aggressive and I can't supervise the situation closely enough right now. We have no rooms in the house where I could effectively house mom and kittens for 3 months without them getting involved with the dogs and my other cats, and I would fear for the safety of the kittens. I don't know what my dogs would do with newborn kittens - my one dog has eaten a baby bunny in the past and newborn kittens look similar. Not to mention my husband is unhappy but accepting about possibly adding a third indoor cat, but is positively freaked out at the whole idea of adding that third cat plus kittens - so best to keep her in the shed for now.
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Darragh is at this moment sleeping in the bedroom. And the whole room smells of her silent deadlies. OMG, I don't even want to go in there until it's aired out LOL sick.gif My BFF just graciously spent a load of money on 2 cases of really great food, which I couldn't get her to eat at all. I mixed and she ate some but then she just wouldn't touch it at all.

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