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We're working hard on it.

Ok, so Daughter gets out of school around the same time my husband gets off work, right? She works, hardly ever home. Instead of having her take the bus to her dads, she rather have a baby sitter for her. My husband has asked several times that he care for her while she is busy, but to no avail, she says NO and comes up with millions of excuses as to why. She'll even say she does not work those hours, even though we know she does just to get out of letting him have her "more".

Thats what it's about too - She hardly cares for daughter. She knows it, we know it. She does not want to do what is best for daughter because if she does, my husband has more time than her and he could get more custody that way, too. She is unable to care for her, and hates to admit it!

The stupid thing about it all is that she cant afford the sitters. She went from using our family even with her UNRELATED CHILD, not paying them ever and "messing" them over. To friends of the family, never paying them and messing them around, too, then strangers and actually had some lady we did not know contact us asking us to get her money for her from biomom. The worst part about these sitters is that she does not give him( my husband, daughters dad ) THEIR contact info, in case of emergency. They have no idea who he is and he has no idea who they are. Totally messed up.