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been a long time again.....

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...wow doesn't time fly when you're occupied?! It's been a long time since logged into the cat site - thanks to Pam for the lovely message waiting for me when I did!!

I'm going to give you guys the lowdown (its 5am and I've noting better to do right now! Hehehe)

Since the last time we spoke, I've been more or less up to my earas in wedding plans - I'm loving every minute of it and so is Rune, because the more I take care of, the less he has to worry himself over typical man. He's booked our venues and is off to find a nice new suit for the day - I get all the fun stuff like flowers, dresses, shoes, cake and invitations etc.

I've also just lost my job in the cat shelter - and not in a particularly nice way either, so I'm still pretty mad over it. I was signed off work from the 1dt October with a bad back - basically the muscles were so tight that they were threatening to pulll the vertebrae in all sorts of funny directions, which would ultimately lead to a discus prolapse. This was due to the heavy lifting I had to do every day and the physical tasks I was expected to do in poor working conditions. When I went back to work on the 13th, I was there long enough to do my days work and be fired afterwards. Now there are several things wrong with that. If I was going to get fired, why wasn't I told on the Friday when my boss called me anyway? Why did I have to come and do the days work before I was fired? Why didn't she let me go BEFORE I worked? They sold me the "we're restructuring the workplace and don't have need for you any more" line - it was really "you have a bad back, we don't want to get sued" and plus they already had someone lined up to take the job the instant I had a problem. No "thankyou for the last three years" just "give me your keys and get gone" pretty much. I've busted my butt for that place, and this is the thanks I get for it? I've been at their beck and call every single day... so I'm fired just before my birthday and Christmas. My ex-boss was incredibly tactless with it and made me feel totally unwelcome there. It's their fault that my back is ruined, so it was obviously time to get rid of me so that they can ruin someone else too. They've promised me so much over the three years that never came to fruition - so I feel utterly let down and disappointed.

So I'm jobhunting yet again... and it's not going too well. The financial crisis is playing a part in several businesses, so all I can do is take what experience I have and hope. It's getting better.... but a lot of people are really feeling the squeeze.

Let's see what the day brings later on...... I have a couple of places to be today to hand in a C.V. and whatnot and now that Rune has stopped coughing his lungs up, (he's been sick with this cough for over a month and I'm about to kill him myself if he doesn't make an appointment with the doctor) I'm going to go back to sleep.

Much love to everyone here
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Welcome back, and that really stinks how you got fired. Doesn't surprise me, though. Good luck with the job hunt.
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Some bosses are compleete idiots when it comes to letting somone down easily. I hope you find an amaxing well paying job that you love very soon.
Get some rest and eat some chicken soup and feel better. Your imune system may be feeling the effects of the stress from looseing you job and the wedding. Take a few days off from life and feel better soon.
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hi my friend welcome back!...
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